Stop Obamacare in Texas

House Joint Resolution 24 by Representative Ken Paxton is the first step to stopping Obamacare in Texas.  If passed by the Texas Legislature HJR 24 will send a constitutional amendment to the people of Texas in November allowing them to vote on whether or not they want to block the implementation of Obamacare in Texas.

The Texas House State Sovereignty Committee is hearing HJR 24 today in committee in room E2.010 upon adjournment of the Texas House.  The meeting is open to the public and you can watch the proceedings online at this website and of course stay tuned to Rep. Paxton’s facebook page for updates on the committee’s action.

Per Rep. Paxton’s press release HJR 24 will attempt to block the implementation of Obamacare through the following actions.

  • Amends Article 1 of the Texas state constitution to prohibit the state, a state agency, a state official, or a political subdivision from enacting, effectuating, collecting, or enforcing a penalty or sanction that would deny an individual’s right to choose their health insurance coverage.
  • Passage of this amendment would protect an individual’s ability to participate or not to participate in the health care system, free of penalties or sanctions and the right of individuals to purchase lawful services without fear of penalties or sanctions.
  • This constitutional protection would prevent the state legislature from over-reaching on any future health care reform initiatives in the way Congress over-reached on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  • This constitutional amendment keeps individuals in control of their own health care instead of allowing the government to make or influence choices for us.

HCR 24 is known as “The Health Freedom Act” and is a popular measure that has been filed in 41 separate states across the county.  Rep. Paxton’s colleague Rep. Wayne Christian filed an identical piece of legislation that we have covered previously for being the first piece of legislation to have its own social media presence.

Help protect Texas from this massive federal overreach and call your State Representative today and ask them to support HCR 24 and other State’s Rights legislation.

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