Calling All Nominations for the Official State of Texas Gun

Why should Utah and Arizona have all of the fun designating an official state firearm? Texas should designate its own official state gun too.

Although the bill filing deadline for the Texas House and Senate has all ready passed, there still is hope!  An amendment could be added to an existing bill in committee or on the House or Senate floor as long as the amendment is “germane” to the bill.

What gun should have the honor of joining other official Texas State symbols, including the Texas Toad, Mockingbird, cast iron dutch oven, chili (no beans of course), cowboy boot and tortilla chips and salsa?

I am going to open the floor to nominations by nominating the Ruger LCP .380 True Texan Coyote Special in honor of Governor Rick Perry exercising his 2nd amendment rights on a wily coyote that thought it found a snack in the Governor’s pet dog.

The Ruger .380 Coyote Special does lack a certain curb appeal that other guns provide.  In light of this and the fact that Texas has to have a state gun that is bigger and better than Utah’s Browning M1911 and Arizona’s Colt Revolver I shall make a second nomination.  I humbly nomination the LaRue Tactical OBR 556.  LaRue Tactical is based “dead center of Texas,” otherwise known as Leander, Texas.

LaRue Tactical and the OBR 556 represents what is best about Texas.  The family run company and gun has one hand on history and tradition, and one hand on the future.  What says rugged individualism better than the LaRue Tactical OBR 556?

4 responses to “Calling All Nominations for the Official State of Texas Gun

  1. I would nominate the STI 2011 as it is made in Georgetown TEXAS by TEXANS and was designed by TEXAS Virgil Tripp. It has been feeding pistol competitors for generations. Besides, it is 2011!

  2. You are an idiot.

    Texas already has an official fire arm, it’s the 1847 Walker Colt .44 Revolver which was commissioned for the first unit of the Texas Rangers.

    Get to know your Texas before you mouthoff.

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