Invest in Texas Educataion

Every political rally that it is Republican or Tea Party oriented the main stream media seeks out and finds at least one misspelled sign or wacko and runs with.  Usually the story becomes the misspelled sign or the one wacko the media found at the rally, and nothing subsantial is actually mentioned about the rally and the reason for the rally.

The recent rally at the Texas Capitol to “Save Our Schools” was no exception and provides some great irony.  Of course since the rally was sponsored by unions and democrats the media failed to point out this gem that numerous friends found on facebook and now proudly sport as their profile picture.

As someone who has made hundreds of “home made” signs before I almost feel sorry for the volunteers and staff that stayed up late all week making those color coordinated signs and for the guy carrying it, since he was most likely not the one who actually made the sign.

But, just like you should to read the bill before you vote for it, you should read your sign before you use it.

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