Why We Need Voter ID in Texas

While  Voter ID languishes for a couple more days in the Texas House due to a procedural error now is a great time to recall from previous posts why we need the Voter ID Bill.

But first here are the details of the “Point of Order” that was raised by Rep. Armando Martinez (D-Weslac).  Martinez pointed out that the bill stated “the sixth day” while the official Bill Analysis stated “sixth business days” in relation to the time frame for presenting the required form of ID when voting a provisional ballot.

Matt Dowling has a good graphic that points out the technical error.  I need to learn how to make graphics…

So why do we need Voter ID in Texas?  Once again Matt Dowling has a great post summing up some of the more recent voter fraud cases in Texas.  Here is his list.

  • Over the last decade at least 400 votes were cast by non-citizens just in Dallas and Bexar County
  • In 2004, 41 dead voters requested ballots by mail in Bexar County in 2004
  • The Texas Independent reported that the King Street Patriots found nearly 20,000 registered voters shared the same address of 6 or more people in Shelia Jackson Lee’s (TX-18) district. This anomaly was 2-9 times higher than in surrounding districts. At this point in time the KSP’s have review only 3,800 of the 20,000 suspisous registered voters, but already have had over 450 voters thrown off the voter roll because of “duplicate registrations, nonexistent addresses, addresses corresponding to vacant lots, or the drivers licences number not matching the registration.”
  • In 2oo4, a Beeville woman was convicted of voting for her dead mother
  • In a state auditor’s report 46% of voter registrars said they did NOT have procedures in place to identify ineligible voter applicants, such as felons, non-citizens, or voter who submitted duplicate registration(that’s not a problem is it?)
  • In 2007, The Texas Secretary of States Office also found that over 23,500 deceased registered voters but did not have the chance to take them off the voter rolls before the election
  • In Harris County over 10,000 registrations, submitted by ACORN, were tossed because of fraudulent address and personal information

Additionally Republican State Rep. Aaron Pena recently pointed out on twitter that in south Texas voter fraud is rampant and rarely prosecuted.

Read the article yourself in The Monitor here.

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