House Bill 1 Does Not Fire Teachers

Texas House Bill 1 appropriates the funds constitutionally available for the State of Texas to spend in the next two year budget cycle.  HB 1 has nothing to do with public school funding formals or the firing or hiring of teachers.  HB 1 solely deals with appropriating the revenue of the state.  The school formula bills will come later in the process and the highering of and firing of teachers is handled on a local level by the Independent School Districts (ISDs).

These school funding formula bills will be debated soon in the Texas House and Senate and will set the public school funding formulas that decides how much funds each of Texas’ 1,035 ISDs will receive.  Once the ISDs receive their funds then those ISD’s administrators and publicly elected School Board members will decided how those funds are spent.  It is the local ISD administrators and school boards that make the final decisions on to hire or fire teachers, not your Texas State Representatives and Senators.

Governor Perry puts it this way, “The lieutenant governor, the (Texas House) speaker, and their colleagues aren’t going to hire or fire one teacher, best I can tell. That is a local decision that will be made at the local districts.”

In crafting HB 1 our elected leaders have wisely followed the creed that freshman Rep. Erwin Cain stated, “Prosperity in Texas lies not in state government lassoing more taxes, but in freeing Texans to innovate, create, and build.  That is the prescription for a freer and stronger Texas.”

2 responses to “House Bill 1 Does Not Fire Teachers

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  2. If a=b and b=c then a=c.
    Yes the bill doesn’t say teachers will be fired. But if the amount of money given to the schools isn’t enough to keep the schools running, who is at fault? I am guessing you don’t have children in public schools.

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