Texas Bluebonnets Rise From the Drought

Across Central Texas Bluebonnets are rising from the drought for the viewing pleasure of all.  Numerous reports have been circulated that the bluebonnets are not germinating properly due to the drought and that this would be an average year for bluebonnets.  On a recent drive outside of Brenham, Texas we spotted a great crop of bluebonnets and other assorted Texas wildflowers.

Texas Blues at Sunset

The warm temperatures and lack of rain has caused some bluebonnets to not sprout from their seeds, while others have jumped out and bloomed.

The bluebonnet season peaks during April in the Central Texas area.  In warmer areas the season peaks earlier, and later in cooler areas across the state.

To find a field of bluebonnets close to you visit the seasonal information about Texas’ 5,000 species of wildflowers and foliage views on Texas highways provided by the TxDot Wildflower and Foliage page.

Capitalizing on being the unofficial Bluebonnet Capitol of the World the City of Brenham has a dedicated website to the growing hobby of viewing and photographing bluebonnets in the Brenham area.  Don’t forget to turn in your favorite bluebonnet photo to Brenham’s Bluebonnet photo contest.

Remember when viewing bluebonnets respect private property and don’t trample them so others can enjoy them and so they will continue to spread!  For more bluebonnet pictures visit my flickr page.

360 Degree view of a Bluebonnet Field outside of Brenham, Texas

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