82nd Texas Legislative Session: A Session of Prayers

One might call the 82nd Texas Legislative Session “A Session of Prayers” as that is all one can do to survive the trials and tribulations of session no matter what side you or on, or what role you play.

Us staffers are praying for a night off, lobbyists are praying to get their bills passed (or killed), state government employees are praying for their jobs, and benefactors of state programs are praying for a miracle.

In light of this the aptly named blog “A Session of Prayer” brings to you a fresh insiders look at life in the capitol from a biblical perspective.

I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works. Psalm 9:1

Have you ever walked into a dark room and stepped on a cat? Immediately the silence is broken by the screech of the cat as it leaps into the air. It lands three feet away from where it started, with its back hunched, hair bristling and claws unsheathed. Have you ever been the cat?

For those who are unaccustomed to the pace at the State Capitol, the cat analogy is as close as it gets to explaining how a day goes around here. Things can be perfectly quiet and going along well until that phone call comes in or the visitor arrives that steps on your tail and you find yourself doing, if not physical at least mental, gymnastics that leave you with hair bristling and claws unsheathed. I will even confess to an occasional screech or two.

Then, there are those days when you feel like a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. You are just waiting for the inevitable.

I can’t tell you how to stop being the cat. But, I can tell you how to stop worrying about the rocking chairs.

Just look up and praise the Lord. One of the marvelous things He does is to give peace in the midst of chaos.

Lord, I will praise you with my whole heart and tell of Your marvelous works. Amen

Most of the anonymous blogs out there covering Texas politics are supporting their favorite politicos, aka clients, or bashing politicos, aka their clients opponents.  A Session of Prayer does none of this and is a much welcomed entry to the halls the anonymous bloggers with its uplifting and spiritual look inside the 82nd Texas Legislative Session.

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