National Journal: GOP Establishment Draw Tea Party Seats Off Map

The National Journal has a story out about how some newly elected US Congressmen identified with the Tea Party movement have been draw out of their seats by fellow Republicans in favor of the long term incumbent Republicans.  This should come as no surprise to anyone, and this is not just happening at a national level.

Rep. Jeffrey Landry, R-La., a tea party favorite, beat a former state House speaker in the primary last year en route to winning his seat in Congress. Now, state legislators in the party establishment have exacted their revenge: When it came time to eliminate one of Louisiana’s congressional seats—required under this year’s reapportionment—they picked Landry’s. And they drew the map to fracture his base among multiple districts, ensuring that veteran Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La., would have an edge should Landry make good on his threat to challenge him in a primary. “Landry did about as bad as he can do” in the new map, John Maginnis, a state politics expert and the editor of LaPolitics Weekly, said. “He lost almost everything but his home.”

Texas politicians constantly brag about how Texas does anything and everything better than Washington D.C., and how D.C. should be more like Texas.  When it comes to redistricting though some Texas politicians are doing the opposite and doing what D.C. does.

The current Texas House redistricting map passed by the Republican controlled Redistricting Committee pairs up conservatives and freshman Republicans backed by the Tea Party just like what is happening on the national level throughout the country.

However, Texans are not taking it lightly and are fighting back with their own Texas House redistricting map known as the “Nixon Map” that protects the majority of the Tea Party freshman and actually elects more Republicans than the committee’s map.

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