Timeline for Texas House Redistricting Maps

The Texas House redistricting map will be debated on the Texas House floor this Wedensday, April 27th through CSHB 150.  Amendments to CSHB 150 by House rules passed last week must be turned in by 5:00 PM today, Monday April 25th.

The amendments to CSHB 150 will vary from miniscule changes to one or two neighborhoods, to outright total replacements of the original committee map like the proposed “Nixon” amendment that elects more Republicans and protects the conservative incumbents more than the committee map.

Everyone’s cards will be publicly on the table today at 5:00 PM, get ready for an exciting week.

Will the committee map pass without any major changes, will the conservative backed Nixon map pass, or will the Texas House follow tradition and pass nothing and kick the job to the Legislative Redistricting Board?  Not to mention, if the House passes a House map, the Senate still has to pass it.  And….no map will pass until the two chambers come together on a compromise budget.  All of this to accomplish and much more with only 35 days in the 82nd Legislative Session left.

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