Final 48 Hour Push: Texas House Redistricting Map

Representative Wayne Christian and former Rep. Joe Nixon extend one last call for action regarding the conservative “Nixon Texas House Map” that is fair, legal and elects more Republicans to the Texas House for the next decade.

The final Nixon Map that needs your support is “Plan H212 REP. CAIN STATEWIDE SUBSTITUTE CSHB 150.”  Rep. Erwin Cain has filed this map as an amendment to the House Redistricting Committee’s map CSHB 150 that will be voted on this Wedensday April 27th.

Please call your State Representative and ask them to support the “Nixon Map” as filed by Rep. Cain and to follow Rep. Cain’s lead on the House floor.

Time is of the essence here, we have less than 48 hours to influence the direction Texas will take for the next decade!

To view the map go to

Click on “select plans,” and select “base plan.”


4 responses to “Final 48 Hour Push: Texas House Redistricting Map

  1. The Governor should let the LRB draw this map. Incumbents draw awful maps. Larry Taylor protected liberal ambulance chaser Craig Eiland in Galveston County. Though Eiland was short in population and all the county growth has been Republican, Taylor actually gave Eiland more Democrats to even it out. Every county wide official will soon be an R but half of the county rep in Austin will be liberal D.

    Similarly, Paul Workman in Austin has ensured that we will hold but one Travis seat for the next decade. Forget that we had 3 as recent as 2006 and came a few votes away from winning a second last Fall.

    This is a terrible map and Republican non house members need to be drawing it.

  2. Vince in Bexar

    The Solomons map that passed the house is awful. Republicans are added to Democrats reps in San Antonio, but nothing is done to help my new Rep, John Garza. Stupid Solomons. The rich Democrats will regain this seat within two cycles. And we lose a Hispanic Republican. Something needs to be done.

    I also see that we protected Pete Gallego in West Texas. Almost beat him last November, now he’s safe for a decade.

    • True, the House failed miserably. Perry can’t be too happy about how his strongest supporters in West and East TX were treated, much less saving Mostn’s little brother, Craig Eiland. The question is if Christian, Nixon, et al have given up or if any force is being applied to get this piece of trash to the LRB.

  3. Vince in Bexar

    McCain lost HD 17 but won Larson’s neighboring district by over 30 points. A fellow Bexar County Democrat had Republicans added to her seat.

    Who the heck drew this map ? Incumbents ?

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