Cockfighitng Bill Passes Texas House

In honor of Representative Wayne Christian’s HB 1043, the cockfighting bill, passing the Texas House on a voice vote I present to you Tom Russell performing “Gallo del Cielo.”

Cockfighting has been illegal in Texas for over one hundred years, while the supporting support industry has been not.  This bill just updates the law to make the actions supporting this illegal activity illegal as well, like hosting a cockfight, profiting at one and being a spectator at one.

This bill does not target legitimate raisers of game birds for show purposes, it actually gives show bird raisers a strong affirmative defense in the law, so it actually protects them more then the existing law.

One response to “Cockfighitng Bill Passes Texas House

  1. Yes some people think it is abad sport but why did our fore fathers fight them at th whitehouse . I am talking about Lincoln,Wasington,Jefferson and other people in office. These days you cannot do anything without peda messing with you. Later they are going after Fishing,Hunting,Rodeos and other sporting events.So basically what I’m trying to say sporting people wake up and vote against the 1043 bill trying to ban cockfighting.

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