Baylor University Recognized for Social Media Excellence

Baylor has been recognized as being the fifth most influential institution of higher education on twitter and as number 30 for overall social media presence.

On twitter Baylor reigns over all other Texas based and Big 12 schools.  Baylor is beat out by Stanford, Syracuse, Harvard and Wisconsin, for now.  The ranking is known as the Klout Score is based on “the size of your engaged audience, the likelihood that your content will be acted upon and the influence level of your engaged audience.”  In short Baylor has a large, active and engaged interactive audience on twitter. ranks Baylor’s overall social media presence as number 30 due to its “two large social media directories – for students and alumni.”  Baylor is beat out by fellow Big 12 schools UT, Texas Tech and Kansas.

Student Advisor makes its ranking based on “information on how active and effective each school is at engaging their audiences on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media tools, such as iTunes and podcasts. The ranking methodology also takes into account the size of each school’s population, as well as other metrics, to gauge overall reach and effectiveness. The team then produces a strictly quantitative score for each school based on this information, and updates the findings regularly.”

Check out Baylor’s award winning twitter account here,

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