RNC Following in RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri’s Footsteps

Current Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri won his office by running on a platform that he would manage the party’s funds in a fiscally responsible way and make paying off all of the parties mounting debts his top priority.

Chairman Munisteri did just that and not only has the state party paid off all its debts, it has raised a substantial amount of money and is positioned well to defend the large gains the Republican Party made in Texas in 2010.

The Republican National Committee and its new Chairman Reince Priebus have taken notice of Munisteri’s success in Texas and they are following in Munisteri’s footsteps.

The Hill is reporting that the RNC and Chairman Priebus have made paying down the RNC’s $24 million debt a priority and have started by putting $1 million towards that debt this week.

“I think we have to focus in on winning in 2012. Which means we have to create a functional, operational Republican National Committee. We need to raise a tremendous amount of money,” he said. “We have a president who’s pledged to raise a billion dollars in hard dollars through his campaign organization and the DNC. So we have our work cut out for us.”

Now if we can just get the rest of Washington DC to act like Texas….

One response to “RNC Following in RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri’s Footsteps

  1. carriesheridan@gmail.com

    get the rest of washington dc to act like texas? really? how about the benefits of the diversity of 50 very unique states? america, the melting pot? come on, now – it’s that “all [bad] hairpiece and no cattle” talk that got us a $1-2 trillion debt invading iraq with cowboy talk from people who weren’t going to risk their own lives and whose famiiles weren’t enlisting either – texans are about to get a rude awakening of how the OTHER 49 states have no use for this Texas Talk – and rick perry saying texas would treat ben bernanke rough was highly inappropriate since many of us have seen the film footage of a president getting his skull blown off in dallas a few hundred times over the years. rick perry owes the american people an apology about how texans will rough up anyone who challenges its bluster or doesn’t think texas is All That and is bored by the punk talk – the repubs gotta do better than this to attract independents and free-thinking citizens who think that a country with a history of cruelty to native Americans, lynchings, police brutality and aggression overseas needs to focus on more pressing and peaceable needs like jobs, public health, commonplace decency…if rick perry is going to try to run for president, he should have the courage to do so with his real hair.

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