Baylor University Ranks 4th In Members of #TxLege Alumni

Despite having a comparability small alumni base to draw from compared to Texas Tech, Texas State and UT system schools, Baylor University outranks all of them and is ranked 4th in alumni that are members of the Texas Legislature.  Baylor trails the main campuses of UT, UH and Texas A&M, for now.

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education 48% of Texas state legislators have obtained education higher than a bachelor’s degree.  8% have attended a university but never graduated and 4% have no college education according to the Chronicle’s research, the Chronicle however does not name names.

Compared to the residents of Texas the Texas Legislator is highly educated, although one might wonder how highly after watching some late night sessions.  8% of Texas residents have above a bachelor’s degree and 46% of Texas residents have no college education.

Texas state legislators of course had more state pride than their counterparts across the country and 71% attended an in-state school, compared to 55% of U.S. legislators.  Less than half of Texas state legislators attended private colleges.

Across the country Texas ranks 5th in having the highest educated legislature in terms of degrees held according to the New York Times.  California leads the pack with 90% (One of the very few things California beats Texas in), Virginia with 89%, Nebraska with 87%, New York with 87% and Texas with 86%.

Arkansas was the least formally educated legislature with 25% not having any college experience, followed by Montana at 20%, Kansas, South Dakota and Arizona all coming in at 16% with no college experience.

I will let you decide for yourself if the formally “highly educated” California legislator has performed better than her less formally educated peers in statehouses across the nation.

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