Happy 4th of July: Freedom Is Our Strategy

Happy 4th of July and thanks to those who have sacrificed to make this day possible.  Freedom Works has a great pro-liberty 4th of July message, “Freedom Is Our Strategy.”

How is it that millions of people located in disparate places — each individual with unique knowledge of their community and circumstances — can voluntarily cooperate and coordinate plans to create something far greater and more valued than any one individual could have done alone?  The answer is freedom.   I am describing the miracle of the market, what Nobel Laureate economist F.A. Hayek called the spontaneous order.  The basis of Hayek’s critique of central government planning and Keynesian attempts to “stimulate” the economy through new spending is this understanding of the market process of discovery.  Even the most benevolent Czar or the smartest bureaucrat sitting on the IPAB rationing board in the bowels of HHS could not possibly know better than free people acting to better themselves and their communities. 

 “Spontaneous order” equally describes the emergence and power of the citizen protest against big government we now commonly refer to as the Tea Party.  Tea Party values are based on a fundamental belief in freedom, but so is our strategy.  There is no leader, no one is in charge.  Our movement is fueled by the decentralization of information on the internet and the ease of connecting with like-minded citizens through social networking.  We have evolved from a protest movement to a GOTV machine to what is now one of the most important nonviolent social movements in American history.  

 Too many worry about the limits of decentralization, but I say that the best way to beat the left is by fully embracing the beautiful chaos of this citizen revolt against big government.  That’s how we have accomplished so much in such a short period of time, and it is the only conceivable way that we will ever beat the well-financed special interests that comprise the big government coalition.   If we try to match them toe to toe, dollar for dollar, we will lose.  But the left intrinsically believes in order from the top down.  Someone needs to be in charge: a Czar, a better benevolent bureaucrat that knows better than you do.  They can’t help but build hierarchical structures because that’s what they believe in.  This is our strategic window.  Embrace the beautiful chaos of citizen action, because freedom works.

Matt Kibbe is the President of FreedomWorks and the coauthor of Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto

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