Ted Cruz on Obama v. Texas Showdown

As mentioned in the previous post, President Obama urged the U.S. Supreme Court to make the U.S. justice system subject to the authority of the World Court and the UN.  President Obama wants to stop the legal execution of illegal immigrant Humberto Leal, who was convicted of rapping and murdering a 16 year old San Antonio teenager in 1994, due to international law and conventions.

Former Solicitor General of Texas Ted Cruz, now running for the US Senate, appeared on Fox News today to discuss the case and a similar case he successful won on behalf of the State of Texas in front of the US Supreme Court.


Ted argued and won Medellin v. Texas before the US Supreme Court, in which Texas stood up against 90 nations to guarantee the right for Texas and the United States to carry out justice for a brutal murderer and rapist, without being subject to the laws of the World Court.

*I work for Ted Cruz for US Senate, so I am just a little bit biased….but watch the video and decide for yourself if Ted Cruz and the State of Texas were right in defending Texas and US sovereignty in the face of the World Court and the UN.

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