Texas Blog Friday: Come and Take It

Matt Dowling started “Texas Blog Friday” as a way to give Texas bloggers some love, so I am going to shamelessly join in on this new tradition by highlighting American Majority’s Raz Shafer’s personal blog, “Come and Take It.”  Note this is his personal blog and his comments there do not necessarily reflect the comments of his employer, American Majority.

Raz recently started blogging again, so show him some love in the form of hits on his blog so he keeps up his great commentary on Texas Politics and does not “burn down” this new version of his blog.

I’ve blogged sporadically over the last few years but micro-blogging via twitter has remained my most consistent form of sharing news and opinion with the social universe. Every time I recommit to blogging on a regular basis I end up burning down my blog design and rebuilding it from scratch. Today’s resolution is no different.

Don’t forget to check out Raz’s recent post on the Texas Senate race to replace KBH about the “Cruz Campaign Showign Remarkable Strength.”

One response to “Texas Blog Friday: Come and Take It

  1. I love the #TxBF post!

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