Google + Worth It?

After hearing the buzz about Google + for a couple days I took the plunge and accepted an invitation to join Google +.  After briefly playing with the site it seems pretty interesting, but I am doubtful it will come even close to replacing facebook or twitter as my go to social media site.

I primarily use social media sites to engage in politics and I have yet to discover how Google + will be a break through in this venue.  Any thoughts on how Google + can be utilized in a new way for political or issue campaigns?

For those still exploring Google + here is an infographic from TechnoBombs that explains the main differences between the two platforms.

2 responses to “Google + Worth It?

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out +1 and how it compares; thanks for the comments and infographic!

  2. Michael Bassett

    if you seem to have problems using a new social media outlet for your right wing propaganda BS, you seem to have hit a new low. your blog doesn’t even stimulate one nerve in my brain to react with any anticipation of measurably interesting writing. you should probably shut your account down today, there really is no point in your existence for writing something that doesn’t leave a reader with ‘hmmm….that was interesting, I’ll research it some more’…or…’wow, come to think of it, that’s a good way to look at a two-fold debate’. try for some novel ideas or ways to improve upon your diarhettic rhetoric.

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