Texas Blog Friday: Texas Iconoclast

This weeks Texas Blog Friday highlights the Texas Iconoclast blog, which calls itself a “review of Texas politics, media, and culture.”

Texas Iconoclast has original blog posts on  Texas politics and posts the daily reading requirements for political insiders.

The project was born out of some conversations that we had about what we felt was lacking on the Texas corner of the interwebs. I realized that most of my websurfing is to people who aggregate quality content, and we didn’t feel that a very comprehensive site existed that does that for Texas politics. Some come close, but we figured we’d pool our resources and tag daily the best Texas politics content, with a bent towards the right.

A past project of some of the contributors is a political blog that covers all things Governor Rick Perry, Perry vs World, that has closely covered Governor Perry’s numerous state campaigns from a conservative perspective.

Perry vs World is well positioned now that Governor Perry is seriously contemplating a run for President.  So not only should you bookmark Texas Iconoclast for your daily reading, bookmark Perry vs World for your daily Perry campaign news.

Thanks to Matt Dowling for starting “Texas Blog Friday,” fellow Texas political bloggers on the right and left feel free to join in and support your colleagues.

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