GQ Declares Austin One of Worst Dressed Cities in USA, Thanks Hipsters

Men’s lifestyle magazine GQ has declared Austin of the the worst dressed cities in the union, 18th worst to be exact, thanks to the over abundance of hipsters in Austin, like this guy below.

The picture and quote from GQ says it all.

“The place looks like L.A. now,” my old UT roommate grumbled after returning from a recent weekend trip to Austin. While he could have been referring to the newly minted high-rise condos, sushi bars, or deadlock traffic, I’m pretty sure he was talking about that most pernicious of invasive species, the Hipster. Long the domain of slackers, hippies, and blonde coeds—”The weather was too good, the dope was too cheap, and the girls were too pretty,” Steve Earle once said of the Texas capital, “and there was no fucking way I was going to get anything done in a place like that”—Austin has emerged as a mumblecore mecca for coastal hipsters looking to get more bang from their day-job barista buck. Skin-tight black jeans and There Will Be Blood mustaches thrive despite the 100-degree temperatures. As one old-timer put it, “They’re all hat, no cattle.”—Stayton Bonner

7 responses to “GQ Declares Austin One of Worst Dressed Cities in USA, Thanks Hipsters

  1. I think Austin suffers fashion-wise because of the heat. You can’t wear anything nice because after 20 minutes outside you’ll sweat it out. Then in the winter, it never really seems to get cold enough to indulge in real winter fashions for more than a week or two. That said, it depends where you go. The fashion out at the Broken Spoke is pretty consistent!

  2. Don’t people live here to escape this kind of poseur scrutiny? Eff ’em.

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  4. GQ: Boldly Going Where Maxim, Stuff and every other magazine has gone 9,987 Times Before.

    GQ, if you were to make a list of the most nettle, trite, overrated, dim, dull, piece-of-shit periodicals you would be battling for the #1 spot. No, not because i actually think you are the worst magazine on the shelves, but because of the disappointment i feel every single time i see just how far you have sunk. I grew up in and out of New York showrooms from the time i was old enough to walk, till 2007 when i moved to Austin. Working alongside my father selling high end European fashion’s to the Philadelphia elite, i learned a great deal about the industry, especially high-end clientele. GQ, no one wants to read your forced pedantic article from Ph.D’s wasting their educations on writing lists about the “Douchiest colleges in America with tag lines that read, “Rank the schools that lead in douchitude right this second!” Leave the lists to Maxim.

    GQ, bumping into you in a dentist office waiting room is equivalent to running into my ex. You are pretty enough to look, so I’ll certainly reconsider picking you up momentarily. Your style is safe with a few pieces i would love to take home, but one word is enough to make me start searching for an exit while considering a table side lobotomy. Last week while looking over your list of “The Worst Dressed States in America”, i stumbled upon a picture of a friend being torn apart by one of your writers. What your author failed to mention were some glaring problems.

    #1. The picture you stole for your shitty article was from 2007, not 2011. Anyone would look out of place wearing fashions from a few months ago, let alone 4 years.
    #2. Trying to sum up Austin’s cultural choices is not as simple as throwing around the word “hipster.” What makes this especially hard is if your test subject isn’t even from Austin, but a Mississippi.
    #3. Homie is gayyyyyyyyy and works in the industry. If you are going to try and categorize a towns overall Male fashions based off purposefully over the top gay styles, GQ you might actually become entertaining after all. In the end you were probably just jealous my friend looked better in skinny jeans and leggings than your girlfriend. It wouldn’t be the first time he stole a weak man from an ugly woman. GQ get back on your game. Drop the grade school lists. Lists are never a good idea, ever. This is me calling you out. The fashion industry has enough problems without your added drivel. So please, take your own advice: Look sharp. Live smart.

    • @luke I’ve been a subscriber of GQ for a few years now, and I completely agree. It’s turning into a gossipy girl magazine – no offense to gossipy girl magazines. I used to read it because it had good fashion and life advice for [normal] men, and the articles were moderately thought-provoking. Now, I have to suffer through articles peppered with the words “bro” and “broham,” and corresponding advice to “find my inner bro.” Really?

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