The #FreeMQS Campaign Grows Stronger

While the twitter accounts of Michael Quinn Sullivan, Empower Texans, AgendaWise and their respect staff members remain suspended, the #FreeMQS campaign grows stronger.  The national blog RedState even picked up the story along with numerous Texas based media outlets and bloggers.  Even some liberal Austin bloggers are joining in on the fun, check out the #FreeMQS hashtag on twitter (of course) to join the action.  See we can all come together on some issues like free speech!

While Empower Texans may still be blocked on twitter, they are making the best of it by promoting their facebook page.

Of course, Empower Texans is going strong on Facebook. We have more than 18,700 friends on our main page – making us the largest independent, Texas-based policy/political group operating there with a vibrant community and on-going dialogue. (Our Facebook reach is also bigger than the state’s various news organizations!)

Don’t forget to order your #FreeMQS T-shirt and ask @Twitter to #FreeMQS, @EmpowerTexans and @AgendaWise.

It is important to note that the @EmpowerTexans team has confirmed they are not behind @FreeMQS and nobody asked permission to sell MQS’s likeness on the shirts below.

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