Newest Endorsement For Ted Cruz Is….Senator Rand Paul

After teasing a major conservative endorsement yesterday the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign released that Senator Rand Paul has endorsed the campaign.

The lucky person who guess Senator Rand Paul yesterday will receive a signed bumper sticker from Senator Paul.

Below the jump is the endorsement message from Senator Paul.

Having grown up in Texas, I know Texans don’t want a career politician in the Senate who will compromise with Democrats to keep growing our out-of-control federal spending and debt.

Washington already has too many tax-and-spend politicians in Washington from both parties. We don’t need another. What we need is someone who is serious about cutting spending and getting our debt problem under control by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment.

I’ve watched Ted Cruz take a stand against the tax and spend crowd, and I’m convinced that he is the constitutional conservative candidate who can help solve our problems in Washington.

Ted Cruz is a great candidate for Tea Party conservatives – and for all Republicans concerned about stopping the exploding federal spending. Ted has been a real fighter for liberty. He has stood up and fought to preserve U.S. sovereignty, and he’s prevailed again and again before our nation’s Highest Court. We need Ted in the Senate to defend free-market principles and to help us stop the Obama agenda. Ted walks the walk, and he has been a national leader defending the Tenth Amendment and fighting to shrink the size, power, and spending of the federal government.

Right now, an establishment Republican with enormous personal wealth is running for Senate against Ted. I’m afraid he’d join the go-along, get-along Senate club, and we don’t need more of that in Washington. I urge all conservatives, libertarians, and Tea Party activists–in Texas and across the nation–to rally around Ted Cruz to ensure we have a strong Constitutional conservative fighting alongside Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Pat Toomey, and me. Please contribute to his campaign, and pleasejoin his grassroots army. Ted will stand for liberty, and I’m proud to stand with Ted.

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