Expectations in Ames

Americans for Rick Perry is working Iowa hard for write in votes at the Iowa Straw Poll this weekend in Ames.  Volunteers from Texas have been working events across the state and will be in Ames this weekend.

However, something appears to be off about the Americans for Rick Perry volunteers rocking the burnt orange “Americans for Rick Perry” t-shirts…..don’t they know Governor Perry is a maroon wearing Aggie?

Americans for Rick Perry should be rocking something more along the lines of this….

How many write in votes do you think Perry will get in Ames on Saturday?  More than declared candidate Mitt Romney?

That would be enough to steal the spotlight from the winner of the straw poll.  Four years ago at the straw poll Mitt Romney spent a substantial amount of money to win the poll which was expected, while Governor Mike Huckabee came in a hard fought second place on a shoestring budget which launched his campaign into the national spotlight.

If Perry gets enough write in votes and beats a declared candidate or two that will be a story the national media can not ignore and will effectively steal the spotlight from the winner of the straw poll.  The winner of the poll will be someone who has spent vast amount of their limited time and money in Iowa, having been camped out for the past couple of months hosting hundreds of events and meet and greets across the vast state, running paid advertisements and having paid staff on the ground.

Once again Governor Perry is in a position to shake up the establishment and how “things have always been done,” and effectively win the Iowa Straw Poll expectations game without actually committing vast resources and time to the straw poll, and without even being a declared candidate.

If this happens, it could spell the end to Michele Bachmann, Hermain Cain, Rick Santorum or Tim Pawlenty whos candidacies live and die on a strong showing in Ames.  Or of course, Perry might not get very many write in votes, and he can write that off as not being a declared candidate yet and take no real hit.  In that case a Pawlenty or Bachmann could be launched into overdrive just like Governor Huckabee’s did four years ago.

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