Rick Perry For President!

The game has now changed, Texas Governor Rick Perry declared at Restate this morning that he is running for President of the United States.  Burka Blog has a great campaign poster that the current crop of Republican candidates better take note of…

From the Governor’s announcement email,

I want to do for America what we have done in Texas to achieve unmatched job creation and personal liberty: balance budgets, reduce spending, reform the legal system, and lower taxes. I want to get America working again.

Help Governor Perry get America working again by donating money today so he can get his campaign organization up and running.

One response to “Rick Perry For President!

  1. Gov. Perry, as a fellow Texan& U.S.Veteran, I think it would mean a lot more if when you get on stage for a speech, You would turn and SAULATE THE AMERICAN FLAG before starting your speech. It would also show that you are AMERICAN and that YOU RESPECT OUR FLAG AND COUNTRY, Not like the present President that can’t even put his hand over his heart at the FUNERAL OF OUR FALLEN HEROES.

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