Central and North Texas 2011 Dove Season Open

The 2011 Texas dove season is now open in the Central and South Zones.  The Central and North Zones dove season run from Sept. 1st to Oct. 23rd, and Dec. 23 to Jan. 8th.

The 2011 dove season does not open up in south Texas till Sept. 23rd.  The South Zone season runs from Sept. 23rd to Oct 20th and Dec. 23 to Jan. 23.

The next President of the United States taking some Central Texas dove last season

All you need is a Texas Hunting License, a shotgun, ammo and a hunting buddy.  And of course land that has a healthy dove population.  If you are like most Texans and don’t have dove lease or friends land handy, check out the public lands available for dove hunting through the TPWD.  To use these lands you need to purchase a public land permit for $48 from TPWD along with your Texas Hunting license.

For those of you in the Central Texas area looking for public land to hunt I would suggest the Granger Lake public land in Williamson County.  The land consists of over 10,000 acres, with over 4,000 of that taking up Granger Lake.  Don’t ask me where to hunt on this 10,000 plus acres though, as I did not have much luck last season at this location.  Although from the gunshots all around me other more knowledgeable hunters certainly did.

Granger Lake

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