Republican SD & HD Primary Shakeups

Michele Samuelson over at Blue Dot Blues covers some breaking Republican primary election news from “two of the fastest growing areas of the state,” HD 149 in Williamson County and SD 8 in Collin County.

Big primary news – HD 149 and SD 8

Huge election news today, out of two of the fastest growing areas in the state.

Corbin Van Arsdale has announced he’s not running for HD 149 after all and promises to return the donations he’s received to date.  He cited Cedar Park city councilman Tony Dale‘s entry into the race as a driving force behind his decision.  From his statement: “With Tony or Cynthia [Long, county commissioner] running, it makes it more difficult for a relatively new person like me to run.”

Dale’s response went up on Facebook not long after: “I look forward to earning the support of Mr. Van Arsdale and the rest of the voters of western Williamson County. We are a unified community and Mr. Van Arsdale’s decision to drop out of the race gives us an opportunity to come together and unite behind one candidate as we work together for Brushy Creek, Cedar Park, Leander and north Austin.”

Also, up in Collin County, Senator Florence Shapiro has announced that she’s not running for reelection.  This confirms some rumors that had been coming out of the area.  What happens there now, anyone’s guess.  The area is definitely booming, especially in the northern portion of the district, and Collin County has a reputation for being just as, if not more, conservative than Williamson County.  Both Quorum Report and Texas Tribune have floated State Rep. Ken Paxton as a likely candidate (full disclosure:  I used to work for Paxton, my husband does work for Paxton, I’m not being paid by Paxton as a state employee or a campaign employee and have absolutely no inside knowledge on what announcement if any will be made).

We’re just short of two months until filing officially kicks off.

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