New Perry Video: Proven Leadership

Texas Governor Rick Perry released a new presidential campaign video today, “Proven Leadership.”  The video is very compelling and takes after the stellar videos that the Republican Governor’s Association made last election cycle when Governor Perry was running it.  I would not be surprised if the same production company  from the RGA videos made this new Perry video.


By far the best presidential campaign video yet, have any of the other candidates videos come even close?

One response to “New Perry Video: Proven Leadership

  1. There’s another candidate who’s done MANY better videos. Including this one that shows you just how bad a candidate Rick Perry is:

    I’m a Texan and I know firsthand all of the lies Perry has spouted. He OPPOSED Arizona’s immigration law, and he rallied for in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens (meaning an American citizen from out of state gets less state support than an illegal criminal who sneaks into Texas!!!). Then that same Perry has the GALL to say there is nothing he can do about illegal immigration and that it’s the feds job? Oh contraire, he’s done everything he could to help illegals destroy Texas and turn it into a permanently blue state!

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