Stop the Fundraising Calls: Join the RPT Grassroots Club

Want to stop those annoying fundraising calls at dinner time and mailers clogging up your mailbox from the Republican Party of Texas?  Then join the the Republican Party of Texas’ Grassroots Club for the low price of just $ 8.25 a month for the rest of your life!

As a member of the RPT Grassroots Club you will not only be being a good Republican and supporting your state party, you will receive the following benefits, hurry act now, while supplies last!

  • Member only conference calls with RPT Chairman and other featured guests
  • Special events at the 2012 Republican State Convention
  • Regular e-mail updates about Party activities

As much as this sounds like a great infomercial the RPT Grassroots Club is a great way to support the state party.  The mailers and phone calls you get soliciting funds costs a great deal of money and when you do respond and send in money, the state party only gets part of the money you send, the rest goes to the vendors to cover their costs.

The RPT Grassroots Club has 901 members, that provides $7,433.25 in guaranteed income to the state party per month, for a grand total of $89,199 per year.  RPT pockets the vast majority of this money and only has to pay a couple percentage points to their credit card processor.  No money is spent on vendors or fundraising consultants.

Will you join me in joining the Republican Party of Texas’ Grassroots Club and help ensure that our state party stays in sound financial shape?  Our new State Chairman Steve Munisteri has done a great job turning around the party’s finances, but he needs our help!

BUT WAIT, there is more!  The next RPT member’s only conference call is scheduled for the end of the month.  Be sure to  sign up in the next 5 days to get your invitation!

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