The Reviews Are In: “Spotted” Video Making Waves

Yesterday the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign released a humorous web video, “Spotted,” that quickly gained attention across the state and nationally.  The reviews are in and the grassroots activists, media and bloggers all are saying the video is a hit, and potential the Demonsheep video of 2012.

The question still remains….Why is a Chupacabra easier to spot than our own Lt. Gov. Dewhurst?

The Daily Caller:

“One of the hallmarks of modern campaigning is the search for the viral video — a web ad so funny, striking or downright odd that it reaches a much larger audience than it otherwise would.

“Former Texas solicitor general and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Ted Cruz might have found his.”

Ramparts 360:

“Facts are stubborn things. If Dewhurst missed the first one that could be allowed – but missing nine forums in a row? The logical conclusion is that he simply refuses to stand and answer questions from grassroots voters.”

PJ Tatler:

“GOP Senate candidate Ted Cruz’s campaign released the following video today. It’s…gonna leave a mark. And it could go viral.”

The Church Report:

“Ted Cruz, a candidate in Texas has the most creative video of the day…By comparing him to the chupacabra, a legendary Texas monster or bigfoot, Cruz makes his point that since declaring his run on July 21st, Dewhurst has not attended nine candidate forums.”

Prairie Pundit:

“At some point Dewhurst will have to engage.  So far Ted Cruz has been creating most of the buzz.”

National Review Online:

“Call me crazy, but I sense a lot of “Demonsheep” in this new ad from Texas Senate candidate (and former state solicitor general) Ted Cruz, hitting his primary rival Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, for skipping various party events.”


“Demon Sheep is tough to top, but that’s what Ted Cruz’s campaign is aiming for in this web video castigating Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst…The National Review’s Jim Geraghty has already dropped the Demon Sheep comparison.”

The Minority Report:

“In a new ad, Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz, likened primary opponent David Dewhurst to illusive mythical creatures Bigfoot and the Chupacabra for ducking out of conservative forums.

“I think I’m with Jim Geraghty in saying this might be 2012′s ‘Demonsheep’ ad”

Pop Culture Politics:

“The Ted Cruz for Senate campaign launched a pretty hilarious website and web video today comparing Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to the mythical creature…the Chupacabra!”

The Hayride:

“Y’know what a chupacabra is…in Texas they talk about ‘em all the time. And now they just called the Lieutenant Governor, who’s running for the Senate, one.

“The guy’s name is David Dewhurst, and he’s supposed to be a really big wheel in that state. The guy running against him is Ted Cruz, who’s basically a Marco Rubio clone.”



2 responses to “The Reviews Are In: “Spotted” Video Making Waves

  1. It’s interesting to see some of the “big names” not doing so well in the straw polls. Enjoy the free publicity of a viral video 🙂

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