Crockett Keller’s CHL Radio Ad

Deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country in Mason, Texas concealed handgun license instructor Crockett Keller is in hot water over his recent radio ad promoting his CHL course.

The 45 second radio ad that played in the greater Mason County area said Crockett will “attempt to teach you all the necessary information you need to obtain your C.H.L..”   At the end of the ad Crockett added in this disclaimer,

“If you are a socialist liberal and or voted for the current campaigner in chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision as under the law.  If you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you the class with no shame; I am Crockett Keller, thank you and God bless America.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety had this to say about Crockett’s ad,

“The Texas Department of Public Safety certifies individuals to teach coursework and provide training required to be taken by individuals seeking to qualify for a Texas concealed handgun license. Certified instructors are required to comply with all applicable state and federal statutes. Conduct by an instructor that denied service to individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion would place that instructor’s certification by the Department at risk of suspension or revocation. The Department became aware of the statements in question yesterday and has begun an investigation into the matter. The Department will take appropriate administrative action based on the findings from the investigation.”

66 responses to “Crockett Keller’s CHL Radio Ad


  2. It’s about time someone took a stand against that clown in the oval office that is a devotee of the muslim’s & their vow is to distroy our country ! We did not learn from Russia when they spent 10 years over there fighting them & almost went broke.
    stick to it crockeet !

  3. God bless Crocket Keller.

  4. good job.there are miny more of us out here that have the same views as you do. keep up the good work we will be watching. keep us posted.

  5. Another good man with morals and a backbone, I am a CCW instructor in Arizona and I also choose who I teach as well. There are more who will stand beside you than condemn you.
    C. Cunningham

  6. Good for you!!! So many agree with you but are afraid to voice their opinions. Everyone come out and vote for a new president, etc.


  8. What a redneck piece of ****. No surprise that the right is facist and bigoted. You people are sick-minded neo-Nazis.

    • Jack, can you explain in an ADULT manner exactly what you mean? How is Mr. Keller a fascist and how is he bigoted? NO GUN DEALER is permitted to SELL or TRAIN ANYONE if they feel UNCOMFORTABLE with you; if they feel that you are a THREAT or that you are INCOMPETENT. Mr. Keller does NOT feel COMFORTABLE with selling a weapon to Muslim’s and he no longer respects them based on what Muslim’s have done to the United States and I AGREE with Mr. Keller 100%!!! Jack, the impression I get from your statement is that Mr. Keller HAS to sell or train ANYONE who comes to him. As a gun dealer, Mr. Keller legally CAN’T sell or train just ANYONE!!! EVERY gun shop in this country is sizing up every customer they get. These gun shops HAVE to show GOOD JUDGEMENT when it comes to who they sell to or train. That IS FEDERAL LAW!!!

      Think of it this way, wouldn’t it be GROSSLY IRRESPONSIBLE if all of these gun shops just blatantly sold guns to just ANYONE AND EVERYONE whether they were criminals, terrorists, gang members, your generic street thug and whoever else you can add to the list just to make a hefty profit?!?!? If they had to listen to you, a LOT of INCOMPETENT, EVIL, DANGEROUS, SCUM OF THE EARTH would be able to purchase a gun!!! I commend Mr. Keller for BEING RESPONSIBLE!!!!

  9. You are all NUTS!! Read the Constitution 1st and 2nd Amendments. Every American citizen has the right to choose and practice their own religion, as well as the right to bear arms. DPS provides the means for every citizen to legally bear arms through the training and certification provided through THEIR CHL program. Texas DPS has essentially subcontracted Mr. Keller to provide this service for Texas residents. If Mr. Keller doesn’t like living in a diverse nation, then perhaps he ought to move to China where everyone looks just alike. What an idiot!

    • Horse shit!

      • Earl, based on your eloquent response to the long held interpretation and purpose of the Constitution, I can only assume you are an intellectual giant. The State of Texas could, at it’s will, change the regulations and begin offering Concealed Carry classes as a state run service. The state, according to the 10th amendment so loved by nuts like you, allows the state to regulate Earl Crockett. Follow the law, or lose the license. Pretty simple, even for you. Since I’m not Texan (2 years of the bigotry, racism, and self-righteousness I encountered while living there will keep me from ever coming back), and don’t look like you, should I just go back to where my family is from? Since my mother’s family really did come on the Mayflower, I am offended by your truly un-American views.

      • Actually Jeff, my views are American. BTW…. my ancestors welcomed you to these shores so don’t give me that crap. We gave you a turkey….. should have given you a donkey!

      • Earl, it is telling that the only way you can address someone who disagrees with you is to try to insult them or minimize them rather than using intelligence, logic and facts. And it doesn’t make you look good. And I can tell you, having lived all over the country, including a couple of years in Texas, that you DO NOT REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF AMERICA. However, unlike you, I am willing to allow anyone to believe what they want, and not take it personally. Your comments are not a sign of patriotism or Constitutional support, but of immaturity on your part.

      • Jeff…. It’s obvious by your condescending manner of printing that you have holes in your tee shirt. Now that means you are always pointing to yourself ( forefinger touching your chest) that have worn holes on your shirt and saying ” I am wonderful and I love me. I’m ever so clever and I’ll just talk down to whomever”
        Crockett Keller has more common sense in his little toe than you have in your whole body. Not to mention Mr. Keller can instruct whomever he pleases.

      • It seems as though the only response you have to intellectual debate is to use emotional and rhetorical comments about people you don’t even know. It’s all about YOUR rights, never about your responsibility to society as a whole. If we all only care about OUR rights, the only logical conclusion in the future is anarchy. A nation of 300 million people has to have some focus on what is right for EVERYONE, otherwise society eventually collapses. An honest study of history shows that nations on either extreme (no individual rights or absolute individual rights) always fail. Failure to mediate the conflicts that arise when individual rights collide has no other path but anarchy. The fact is that I am not focused only on myself, YOU ARE. I respect that all 300 million people are equal and that sometimes means my rights are limited to some degree for the safety and security of ALL. So, perhaps you want to look a little more closely at how selfish your attitude and beliefs are before you accuse somebody you don’t even know.

  10. Michael D. Penson

    That’s at-boy Mr. Crockett Keller. I am sure the Department of Public Safety will be on our ass for not teaching non-Christian Arab or Muslim and socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner in chief. As I see it the under Texas laws of trespass and the castle doctrine. Since there have been no complains filed why the Department of Public Safety involved?

  11. God bless you Mr. Keller! It’s high time someone had enough balls to speak the truth. The hell with political correctness. This country is going to hell in a handbasket and majority of people are too afraid to say anything. Since when did our founding fathers embrace Muslims, non-free-speech, and God being removed from our educational system. We have a choice November 6th 2012! It’s our duty as Americans to stand-up for what we believe in. You’re on the right track Mr. Keller.

  12. God Bless Crockett Keller for taking a common sense stand. We need more people like Crockett to stand up and speak the truth and to hell with political correctness bot in the USA and Canada!!! Thanks Crockett.
    E T Brown

  13. Well said Crockett! Finally somebody with the anatomy to throw political correctness out and speak the truth. We need more people like Crockett Keller in both the USA and Canada.

  14. James T. Onoszko

    Excellant, finally someone with b–a–l–l–s.

    If the muslim communtiy would police within to keep out the radicals, that would be another issue. But they don’t, no a word from them about who or what they are up to. As americans we don’t need to teach them how to handle guns or fly airplanes. We are an open country, but at the same time enough is enough.

    James T Onoszko

  15. Yeah screw the Civil Rights Act and the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment!

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  17. Way to go Crockett !!! Stand your ground and hope that MANY will soon follow before our way of life is gone for good.

  18. Well, it won’t be so long until a zombie outbreak comes for the dirty kkkrackas will get what’s coming for all you. This is the dumbest race to mix with the Jews & the A-rabs for centuries and no wonder why kkkrackas will burn hell for lying about all the wicked terrorism that all of you committed for along time.

  19. just wish someone would have thought of this before we trained terrorists to fly airplanes into the WTCs……david in baghdad

  20. Crockett Keller can go to hell! I am a socialist liberal. I own several guns myself and I support armed resistance against Americans anywhere and everywhere.

    • Brandon, Bring it on, Freak! You probably won’t even get out of your Mother’s basement!!! We will see who has the biggest Guns!

  21. bigot

  22. Way to go Crockett Keller. I like the way you teach.
    Sent form the Buckeye state.

  23. South Texas salutes Crockett Keller!

  24. Crockett Keller is proof of the power of the Constitution. Even an angry, illogical, self-important nut case like him has the right to say what he likes, own a weapon, and assemble with those whom he chooses. However, nobody is given the Constitutional right to violate federal law, so I guess the world will have to muddle along when he stops teaching concealed carry classes. Just for his edification, as a proud liberal leaning moderate, I am neither socialist (I own my own business) nor do I oppose civilian ownership of guns (though I’ve never touched one). My one question though: are Constitutional rights only created for people like Mr. Keller or do they apply to everyone who has United States citizenship? That is the problem with the far right wing American fringe: they have attempted to hijack the Consitution for just themselves and anyone different can just go back where they came from.

  25. Crokett Keller needs to apply to the nearest psychiatric ward as soon as possible. I am now an atheist but I am shocked by what passes for “Christian’ these days. This sicko stuff is totally opposite to the preachings og Jesus Christ.

  26. I liked EVERYTHING Mr. Keller said and I couldn’t have said it better!!! We either have freedom of speech or we really don’t!!! Which is it?? Mr. Keller has then RIGHT to refuse anyone he so chooses!!!

    Personally, I’m FED UP with the CLOWNS in Washington DC. We now live in a country where a lot of people are afraid to express themselves for fear of offending Muslims!! Well, my opinion is SCREW THE MUSLIMS!!!!! NOT EVEN OUR CLOWN PRESIDENT IS GOING TO CHANGE MY OPINION!!! YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You do realize that there were Muslims in America at the founding of the United States right? And that Thomas Jefferson of all people had friendly relationships with Muslims both in America and the rest of the world? Nobody said Mr. Keller couldn’t say or do what he wants, just that if the law says he can’t do that and keep his license, that IS his CHOICE. Should we “screw” the American Christian leaders who are supporting The Lord’s Resistance Army (a Christian terrorist organization) that forces boys to become soldiers and girls to become prostitutes? Painting all people of one religion as the same is not what America is about. It is people like you (frightened and self-centered) who are bigger threat than Muslim terrorists, because the don’t have to attack us anymore because your fear and bigotry will destory us from within.

      • You can label me as anything you choose, but, it is MY CHOICE to NOT respect anyone of the Islamic religion and anyone who voted for our INCOMPETENT, TRAITOR, Islam loving, CLOWN President, PERIOD!! You can take that to the bank!!!!!

      • Michael McCord

        You do realize that Thomas Jefferson was also the first U.S. President to defend our troops and our interests against Muslim aggression in the Barbary Pirates War right? Crockett is not barring U.S. citizen’s right to bear arms, if he were to deny anyone there are numerous other places in which they may attend the training. We are not “frightened and self-centered” sir, we are simply tired of being the silent majority that continuously must cower to the minority of the radical left. We are the silent majority that believes that achievement comes from hard work and a strong foundation. Not protests and chaos in the streets. We work to provide for our families and we will protect what we have worked for at any cost.

      • Michael, you are right about Jefferson, but he NEVER called for Muslims to leave the United States, categorized all Muslims as pirates, nor told anyone (particularly another citizen) to “screw”. In fact, he stood up to Christians who wanted to impose too much theology into the government and public sphere. He was an enlightenment intellectual who didn’t have to scream at people as a substitute for civil conversation with those who disagreed. Most on this blog claim to speak for most Americans, which polls consistently prove is a blatantly false assertion. Have you traveled much? I have and I can tell you that you do not speak for the majority (maybe some, but not most) in places like Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Utah and California, just a few of the places I have traveled to or have family/friends living. You remind me of a small child in an argument: you’re position is so unreasonable that you have to scream to get anyone to hear you. And by the way, most people are raised with the ethic that the family comes before the individual and the same goes nationally, where the good of the whole (the family) is more important than the individual (you).

      • William Curry

        Jeff, let’s get back on the subject of Mr. Keller. Mr. Keller has the RIGHT to deny ANYONE he chooses of anything in his gun shop. He doesn’t even have to let you in his gun shop if he chooses not to!!! I don’t know you from Adam, but let’s not turn an ant-hill into Mount Everest for God’s sake!!! Like Mr. Keller, I no longer have this ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’ around Muslim’s whether it upsets the little darlings or not!!! Their so-called’peaceful’ religion is a crock!!! These sand peasants of the Middle East have brought this on themselves. I, personally wouldn’t lift a finger to help these maggots of the world and that’s my right to feel that way.

        To be blunt, after what these maggots pulled off on September 11, 2001, and if I owned my own gun shop, these people would be lucky if i didn’t behead one of them for having the balls to set foot in my shop!!!!!!!!!! I have the exact same feelings toward our lying, anti-Christ, arrogant, traitor, bastard, Obama!!!!!! I don’t back down to anyone on my feelings!!!

      • Willliam, pay attention. If you review my comments you will notice I agreed that Keller has the right to choose who he wants to teach and do business with. But choices have consequences, in this case the loss of a state license, the terms of which he agreed to before receiving it. The state says you can’t discriminate, you can choose to reject that requirement, but you lose the license. Pretty simple even for people who are always complaining about how nobody follows the law anymore.
        As for your view on Muslims, if I take your logic further, all American Christians, like myself, are murderers and terrorists because some of our own bomb abortion clinics and a federal office building in Oklahoma. How peaceful is that kind of Christianity? I’m not asking you to love Muslims, only to respect the Constitution. Or does the First Amendment right to freedom of religion only apply to people who are exactly like you.?
        And it is incredibly arrogant of you to accuse Obama (of whom I’m not a big fan) of not being Christian when he has worshipped in Christian churches longer than I have! The Bible says that it isn’t our place to judge. You don’t have to back down on your feelings, but the Bible warns about what happens when we depend on our feelings for deciding what to think and do. And Jesus certainly would NEVER call for beheading somebody! That just puts you in the same class as those whom you hate.

  27. One more thought. Mr. Keller has the RIGHT to Freedom of Speech and he has the RIGHT to run his business THE WAY HE CHOOSES. He has the RIGHT to deny ANYONE entry into his business; he has the RIGHT to refuse to sell ANYONE a gun and he has the RIGHT to refuse to train ANYONE for a Concealed Handgun Permit if he so chooses!!!

    Mr. Keller said it perfectly in his radio commercial and I congratulate him for SAYING IT LIKE IT IS!!!! I wish the rest of this country would grow some BALLS and stand up for what they believe in!!!

    If I owned and ran my own gun shop and you voted for Obama or you were a Muslim, I’d tell you where to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m NOT politically correct and I DON’T respect ANYONE that is!!!

    • The rest of the country does have balls and does stand up for what they believe in. They just aren’t a bunch of racists, like you. What do you think the 99% are doing right now? Standing up for what they believe in. What have you done, Bill? I doubt you have done anything. The fact of the matter is, this is a free country. Political correctness means not respect the diversity of this nation and is therefore un-American. You are the traitor, Bill. You are worse than a Muslim terrorist, because you have betrayed you nation by espousing discrimination based on religion.

      • William Curry

        Kafka, I am NOT even close to being a racists. If I had my dream President, it would be Condoleezza Rice, because she IS a Christian; she WAS born in the U.S.; she was the Secretary of State and when it comes to real experience in the federal government, Obama does not hold a candle to Condoleezza Rice. If you’re concerned about color, she’s black, WELL educated and I think SHE is GREAT!!!!

        You asked what I have done. I served my country in sunny Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. I’m FOR COMPETENCE over COLOR!!! In other words, may the BEST person win regardless of color or gender!!!

        Kafka, if you are saying that I DON’T like Muslim’s, that would be PRECISELY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muslim’s have brought this ON THEMSELVES and I do NOT feel sorry for them whatsoever!!!!! Remember, I’m NOT politically correct!!!!!! Kafka, where is it written that I HAVE to LIKE Muslim’s after they have just killed OVER 3,000 people (MORE people than died at Pearl Harbor) and for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON??? The Muslim’s have convinced me that Islam is a SICK religion, PERIOD!!! People have to prove themselves to be honorable in order to gain my respect. These sand peasants of the Middle East have come to America and now they want Sharia Law. This IS AMERICA and NOT the Middle East. If you don’t like America and it’s laws, then LEAVE!!!! If the fact that I DON’T like Muslim’s makes me a racist, then I’m PROUD to say YES, I’m a RACIST!!!!

        Getting back to Mr. Keller; Mr. Keller has said and done NOTHING wrong whatsoever!!! It is HIS gun shop and he can do business with WHOEVER HE CHOOSES!! Period!!! Like Mr. Keller, I’m pro-gun and a LIFE member of the NRA!!!

  28. I agree with William Curry. I am tired of having to be POLITICALLY CORRECT, When I tried to shake hands with a Man new to my job, he said “I don’t shake hands with women!” This really turned me off on the Muslim people. If that is the way he feels, he should go back to where he came from. He is in America and should live like an American, America get some back bone and stand up for what we believe!!!

  29. Well this chap is going the right way to lose his license as an instructor. As has been said by others above, his choice.

    • Justin, I don’t see how he could possibly lose his license. I have purchased MANY guns in my life and ONE of the requirements of the federal government is that NO ONE is permitted to sell a gun to ANYONE or train ANYONE who they FEEL should NOT own a firearm!! That is a FEDERAL LAW!!! Mr. Keller is WELL within his RIGHTS!!! No gun dealer is PERMITTED to do business with ANYONE who they feel is INCOMPETENT or to ANYONE they feel UNCOMFORTABLE with.

      I have actually witnessed a group of four teenagers who came into a gun shop and looked at the various handguns. That gun shop REFUSED to sell them ANY gun, because they did NOT feel that the teenagers had any GOOD INTENT. That is what I call using GOOD JUDGEMENT!! Wouldn’t it be grossly IRRESPONSIBLE if gun shops sold to anyone JUST TO MAKE A PROFIT????? Think about that!!!

  30. Amen Crockett. Since the airing of your video, I have had many many many friends email it to me. LOL!!!!! They are from Utah, Florida, Georgia, and all over. I love it. You are a true American and you make me proud. Political Correctness can KMA!!!! I personally am a CHL holder and I agree with everything you said. I hope they don’t take your instructor license away, but if they do, Boola Boola!!!!! Have a blessed day Hooray for Texas!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I love how idiotic radicals always demand others respect their rights and the constituion when it suits them. While the rest of the time they shit on the rights of others and ignore the constituion whenever it aids their needs.

    Go into politics Keller, you’re clearly self centred and stupid enough. The extreme right won’t be happy until they’ve recreated the Nazi state in the U.S, while the extreme left won’t be happy until we’re all eating tofu and riding bicycles to work to reduce our carbon emissions.

    • Fox, you’ve just told ALL of us that you have no idea of what you are talking about. How has Mr. Keller, (forgive my French) shit on the rights of others?? How is Mr. Keller self centered?? If you are concerned about a Nazi state, then you should be very concerned about the INCOMPETENT, JACKASS at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC!! Our commanding CLOWN wants equal and instant POVERTY for ALL!!! He has just FORCED GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE DOWN OUR THROATS!!! If Obama can get away with FORCING YOU TO BUY health care, then ask yourself, WHAT ELSE WILL YOU BE MADE TO PAY FOR!!! You need to think before you sling all of your comments!!!

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  33. It’s morons like this that makes Texas a laughing stock to the rest of the country. Yes he has the constitutional right to display his narrow minded bigotry and Texas has the right to revoke his CHL permit for discrimination and displaying a total lack of competence. I’m from Texas and have lived 48 years around backwoods bigoted rednecks so hearing this kind of stupidity is nothing new to me. Sometimes it sucks to live in a state that is 200 years behind the rest of the country when it comes to education and common sense.

    • Terry, I think Mr. Keller showed GREAT common sense by NOT selling a gun to and NOT training the very people who have PROVEN that they are not only DANGEROUS, but these same people would LOVE to see every NON-Muslim deader than a fence post and that INCLUDES you!!! These people have killed MORE people in one day than ALL of the people who were killed on December 7, 1941. I guess I’m supposed to LOVE these folks after all the death and destruction they have caused. I think you are a few bricks shy of a full load.

  34. Terry, would you rather have Mr. Keller selling guns to people who have PROVEN to be untrustworthy and a danger to this country??? You’d probably approve of now teaching them to fly, too. Mr. Keller did the RIGHT thing.

  35. Thank God there are still people with enough common sense to stand up against the politically-correct crowd. If we sized up people and made rational judgements, maybe we wouldn’t be putting weapons into the hands of our enemy, or allowing terrorists through airports for that matter. I applaud Crockett Keller for a well thought out presentation.

  36. I love it, Crockett. I wonder if the airplane instructors who taught the 911 terrorists how to fly a plane but not land it, in hindsight, would have done the same thing given the chance to go back in time.

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  38. Pingback: Crockett Keller Defends CHL Radio Ad | RedState

  39. Pingback: Crockett Keller Defends CHL Radio Ad | RedState

  40. Pingback: Crockett Keller Defends CHL Radio Ad | RedState

  41. Why all the fuss about Mr. Keller’s statement. He should have the right to teach whoever he wants or deny anyone he wants. I really don’t think he would get that many non-Christian Arab’s or Muslims applying anyway. He teaches about guns and they want to learn about C4 etc. so they can blow themselves and other law abiding citizens up.

  42. Earl Brown, you got it wrong, the pilgrims invited the indians
    to a turkey thanks giving dinner to make friends with them.

  43. If crockett keller teaches some one to use arms and they go on a rampage
    to a mall and kill several people, all the liberals will crucify him and blame
    him for teaching a killer. This is America, he has the right to select who
    he teaches. Airplanes will not allow guns on the plane, they don’t know
    what the person carring the gun will do, It’s called prevention. WAKE UP
    PEOPLE?. The flight instructor that thaught the two muslims that killed thousands of people at 911 was an ediot, who in their right mind would take
    flying lessons but not landing lessons, that instructor could have prevented
    911 if he had called the police or the cia. But he just didn’t get it. Keller
    is trying to prevent another bad situation by being careful, he cares about
    peoples lives, I agree with his method of teaching. Idon’t recall all the
    liberals going after the flight instructor and attacking him calling him
    horrible names. God bless you keller and God bless America.

    EOPLE!. The flight instructor that thaught the two muslims that killed
    thousands of people at 911 was an idiot, who in their right mind would take
    flying lessons but not lending lessons. That instructor could have prevented
    911 by calling the police or the cia, but he didn’t get it, flying but no landing?.
    keller is a responsible person he is concerned about peoples lives, I agree itet is

  44. Way to go Crockett,, good on ya’.
    To all of you who are condemning this honest individual, when did it become against the law to just simply not like someone, or not feel comfortable around someone. You’ve seen the the signs in stores that say “We refuse the right to serve anyone”, that’s not illegal.
    However when he is up front and honest about who he won’t serve as a customer, some people start to have a problem.
    I have every right to spend my money at his establishment and those of you who disagree don’t have to shop there. That’s it! It’s really that simple!
    But while you condemn him and resort to horrid language and childish name calling to do so only strengthens his argument why he wont serve you.

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