RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Joins Republican Party of Texas Grassroots Club!

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus recently joined the Republican Party of Texas Grassroots Club.  The Grassroots Club is a great way for the state party to increase fundraising effectiveness and decrease the RPT’s reliance on costly fundraising consultants, direct mail and annoying phone calls at dinner time.

To join with RNC Chairman Priebus and sign up for the Grassroots Club and support the future of the RPT, visit www.GrassrootsClub.com.

With Chairman Priebus’ signup the RPT is only 70 people away form hitting their goal of 1,200 members by the end of 2011.  The benefits of the Grassroots Club include member only conference calls with RPT Chairman and other guests, special events at the state convention, email updates and last but not least, no more fundraising letters and phone calls.  As a member of the Grassroots Club myself I can vouch that I no longer receive fundraising emails, calls and letters from the RPT.I am glad to see that for once the RNC is giving back to Texas, even if it is only $8.25 a month.  Usually the RNC and other national GOP groups come to Texas to fundraise and spend the money outside of the state.  The state party even launched their own fundraising campaign targeting this trend, “Raised in Texas, Stays in Texas.




One response to “RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Joins Republican Party of Texas Grassroots Club!

  1. Reince Priebus must earn my trust. They have spent treasure and
    goodwill against Tea Party candidates in favor of persons such as
    Dede Scozzafava. If they put money behind her who knows who they will support here? Already their efforts are for Mittens Romney and neither
    my money nor my vote will go to Mitt.
    If they succeed in winnowing out Rick, Herman, and Newt in order to prop Mitt to me I’m staying home.

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