Thanks, David Dewhurst and TSA

As you travel this week make sure you watch out for the TSA.  Take a look at the message and video below from 1o year old Davy Cockett on his trip to Grandma’s house.

I love Thanksgiving because we get to get into a cool airplane and fly to Grandma’s house to eat pecan pie. Plus, we watch football and talk about how great America is. And eat more pie. Mmmm!

But this year, something really strange happened at the airport. Mom and dad hadn’t flown in a while and were pretty surprised. Heck, dad even covered our eyes for what happened next. You can watch it yourself here:


Dad said that Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst had the opportunity to stand up to the TSA and President Obama, but he didn’t. Mom asked him, how, if Dewhurst won’t stand up to the TSA, can we expect him to stand up to President Obama? My sister said she and I will have billions of debt that our generation will have to deal with.

All I know is that Thanksgiving just isn’t the same, and mom and dad say the people of Texas can thank David Dewhurst.

Next year, we’ll just drive.

Davy Crockett, 10
Houston, TX

P.S. Once you’ve watched the video please take a moment to share it by forwarding this email and posting it on Facebook and Twitter. And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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