Top 3 Travis County “Turkeys” of 2011

As we celebrate Thanksgiving the Travis County Republican Party has launched a unique fundraising drive asking folks to nominate the “Top 3 Turkeys of 2011,” and no these turkeys will not be pardon by President Obama.  The choices all have a local impact, from building a F1 race track with our tax payer dollars in Austin, expanding light rail in Austin, to the Austin Energy rate hikes to pay for expensive green energy.

The Travis County Republican Party says…

As Republicans we’re thankful for our elected leaders and judges who believe in streamlined spending and common-sense solutions to local problems.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees the role of government that way. Every year, we’re served a heapin’ helping bad legislation, looney local laws, crazy court orders, and other assorted policies that leave us scratching our heads and thinking “What bird-brain came up with that?”

On the poll below we’ve listed 10 of the craziest ideas (which we’re calling “turkeys”) that our elected (and unelected) leaders have come up with in Travis County and in the City of Austin.

The turkeys you can vote on are the following,

  • F1 race track
  • Expansion of light rail in Austin
  • Plan to turn MoPac into secondary route for I-35
  • Austin Energy rate hike
  • Non-geographic representation on Austin City Council
  • Expanding bike paths on busy streets
  • Boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake
  • Redistricting being decided by courts and not legislature
  • 24-hour parking meters
  • $14 million on City of Austin lawsuit settlements.

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