Ted Cruz Officially Files for US Senate

Today Ted Cruz officially filed the paperwork at the Republican Party of Texas headquarters for a place on the ballot in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate.


In his announcement email Ted says,

The Republican primary will come down to two simple questions: will the next senator from Texas be a strong conservative, and will the next senator from Texas be a fighter?

Our campaign has won 14 straw polls against the major candidates by an average margin of 42.7 percent. We are also receiving strong backing from Tea Party leaders and activists, Republican women leaders, SREC and County GOP chairs. In addition, the campaign has received donations from 541 Texas cities, 184 Texas counties, all 50 states, and contributions of $100 or less from over 6,500 supporters. None of this would be possible without your help.

This race is fundamentally a battle between a proven conservative fighter and the establishment. The next Senator from Texas should be someone who will fight to defend our free-market economy, preserve the Constitution, and defeat the Obama Agenda–not compromise and just go along to get along.

Will you join Ted and help him win this race? Please invite 12 people to join the Cruz Crew for victory in 2012, and ask them to join the Cruz Crew!

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