Welcome US Attorney General Eric Holder to Austin

US Attorney General Eric Holder is coming to the UT campus on Tuesday night.  Recently AG Holder has been caught up in the disastrous Fast and Furious scandal that led to the death of an US border patrol agent.  Among other things Holder is against Texas drawing up its own redistricting plan, he aggressively opposes the Texas Voter ID bill our elected Legislature passed last session and he supports plans to involve the United Nations, yes the UN, to help monitor U.S. elections.

Let me say that again, the United States Attorney General, as appointed by President Obama, wants an international organization to come into the US and monitor our elections.

Houston based King Street Patriots and the UT College Republicans will be welcoming AG Holder to the UT campus with a True the Vote rally on Tuesday, Dec. 13th at 4 pm.  The rally will take place at the LBJ Library Grounds on the UT campus. A bus load of Houston-area conservatives are meeting in visitors parking lot No. 38 at 4 p.m., and the rally will begin once everyone is assembled.

Come join the King Street Patriots, UT College Republicans and local activists welcoming AG Holder to Texas.  Also don’t forget to welcome liberal Congressman Lloyd Doggett back to Austin at his upcoming “listening session” this Saturday morning.

3 responses to “Welcome US Attorney General Eric Holder to Austin

  1. I called UT and they have no knowledge of holder coming?

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