The Ghost of Obama’s Past Present and Future

Christmas is supposed be a time of joy and giving spent with our families and loved ones. Yet, so many Americans are anxious about the path President Obama is leading us down with his radical, job-killing policies.  Yet we have reason for hope — new leaders like Ted Cruz are rising up across the country to stand for conservative principles.

So today, in the spirit of the Christmas Season, Ted Cruz launched a new video that chronicles the Ghost of Obama’s Past, Present, and Future.

The Ted Cruz for Senate campaign is in the midst of a Gift to Texas Money Bomb to raise $100,000 this week — because the best Christmas present we can give Texas and the nation next year is to defeat President Obama’s destructive agenda.  Will you help Ted out and donate today?

As Ted says in the video above, “remember, it’s still okay to say: Merry Christmas!”

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