New Year, Same Story: Ducking Dewhurst Strikes Again

Happy New Years!  Hopefully y’all have not already broken your New Year Resolutions.  One would hope that Lt. Governor David Dewhurst made a resolution to face the voters of Texas and start attending some candidates forums, but it appears that Dewhurst is up to his old 2011 ways.  Below is a release from the Ted Cruz campaign highlight that Ducking Dewhurst is back in action in 2012.*

It’s a new year — some things have changed, and some things stay the same.  In 2012, Ducking Dewhurst is continuing his pattern from 2011.  In 2011, David Dewhurst skipped 18 candidate forums all over Texas, essentially ignoring grassroots voters, Tea Party activists, and Republican Women.

In 2012, Dewhurst had theoretically “accepted” a debate invitation for tomorrow’s Williamson County GOP Senate Forum, hosted by the Williamson County Republican Women and the Georgetown Area Republican Women.  But then he cancelled, saying that, alas, “Governor Perry has requested his presence in Iowa.”

But the Iowa caucuses are tonight, Tuesday.  The forum is tomorrow, Wednesday.  Why would Dewhurst cancel a Wednesday forum because of a Tuesday conflict, unless he really didn’t want to go in the first place?

And, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, there are two commercial flights that can take him from Des Moines to Austin, arriving at 10:45 AM on Wednesday — with time to spare before the forum.

Indeed, if his real reason for skipping is to be in Iowa tonight, then the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign will gladly offer to in-kind contribute the cost of the airline ticket to allow Dewhurst to attend, if he lacks the financial resources to purchase his own ticket.

Dewhurst’s refusal to answer hard questions from Texas voters isn’t sitting well with the grassroots in Texas.  One recent comment on Twitter observed, “By the end of today, Dewhurst will have made more campaign stops for Perry than in his own race for #txsen.”

As of tomorrow, Dewhurst will have skipped 19 candidates forums all across Texas since he entered the Senate race.   It’s a new year, but Ducking Dewhurst continues the same.

* Yes I work for the Cruz campaign and I am biased….but really, missing a forum since you are in Iowa campaigning the day after the Iowa Caucus?

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