Occupy Austin Taking a Stand Against Power Washing

Occupy Austin and its ragtag group is taking a major stand against the powers that be and the unfair power washing practices of the City of Austin!  Really, this is what Occupy Austin has come down to, protesting the City of Austin for power washing its property three times a week.

How dare the City of Austin clean its public plaza so it is kept in sanitary conditions for all of the residents of Austin to enjoy and the tourists who flood downtown daily.  One would think they might need to up the power washing from three times a week to five considering the dozens of people have been virtually living in the plaza for months.  Below is the bold statement Occupy Austin made demanding changes to the power washing practices.

More importantly, powerwashing at night is a health hazard to the protesters, who are forced to sleep on wet concrete three times a week. The powerwashing occurs even on nights when it is already raining, adding to the wet and miserable conditions on the steps. For the protesters that are eligible for health services from the City, getting sick will incur further unnecessary costs.

I urge you to switch to power washing during the day, and substantially decrease the frequency of the power washing. It would really make a world of difference to the tenor of the protests, and show that City Council is willing to do the right thing.

And in case you missed it, Occupy Austin has cost the City of Austin over $700,000 to date and that goes up every day.  When our taxes go up we can blame Occupy Austin, thanks.  How is that going to help the so called 99% they claim to represent?

7 responses to “Occupy Austin Taking a Stand Against Power Washing

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  2. Governor Perry has bowed out of the campaign and is giving his support to Newt Gingrich.

    Come on home Governor, you gave them an opportunity and they declined, God bless ’em. We’re going to need you more than ever if they re-elect that idiot so take a break and rest in Texas’ arms. We’ve got work to do. God bless you and God bless Texas. Welcome home.

  3. I would very much like to have a specific name to voice my adamant complaint over this farce being forced on the TAXPAYER ! What an absurdity put in the faces of those of us that contribute to the financing of these buffoons sitting on their duffs day in & day out.
    Can someone please supply me with this information?

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  6. Oh no. They are Pressure Washing? Using what, a Pressure Washer?

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