New York Times Frugal Traveler Visits Austin

The New York Times Frugal Traveler in residence Seth Kugel visits Austin with $100 and only left $4.51 in the red, not to bad.

After visiting and writing about spots like New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul and Madrid one might wonder why frugal traveler picked Austin.  Could it be the Texas Tribune’s recent partnership with the New York Times, or as the frugal traveler said “with the South by Southwest Festival, the main campus of the University of Texas, along with affordable live music, creative and cheap food trailers and a punctual bus system with a $2 day pass, Austin has a worldly heft all its own.”

The Frugal Traveler’s trip included five meals, five snacks, six drinks, two museums, live blues, indie rock, honky-tonk, guerrillas and chicken dropping all for $104.51.  As not a native Austinite I am ashamed to say I have not done everything the Frugal Traveler managed to do in one weekend.  Have you?  Check out the full story here.

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