Texas Voter Registration Cards & Redistricting

There have been some questions and misleading statements about how the Texas redistricting court battle changes how and when voters will receive their voter registration cards.
The Texas Secretary of State’s Office and local county election divisions have issued the information below to clear up the confusion.
  • If you were registered to vote as of Dec. 31, 2011, you will be able to vote once elections are held — the elections are currently delayed due to redistricting issues, and voter cards can’t be mailed out until all that is settled because the exact precinct boundaries are not yet established.
  • If you do not have any changes to your voter registration (i.e., you haven’t moved or changed your name), no action is needed at this time.
  • If you remain in your county of registration but have changed your residence address or name, you will need to submit your updated information to your county voter registrar and your new voter registration certificate will be mailed to you from your county voter registrar.
  • If you have changed your residence address to a new county, you will need to submit a new voter registration application no later than the 30th day before Election Day.
  •   If you are not sure where you are registered, you can check online here.
Once the court approves interim redistricting maps and counties have the opportunity to finalize precinct lines, the county will issue new voter registration certificates.
You can register to vote here, http://www.votetexas.gov/ and you can learn more about the Texas Secretary of State’s Office and elections here.
For updates on the Texas redistricting battle read Michael Li’s blog, www.txredistricting.org.

2 responses to “Texas Voter Registration Cards & Redistricting

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  2. You are a liar, just like the Texas government!
    Voter ID law will prevent citizens from voting. No voter registration card or expired voter registration card, no vote.

    How can there be an election date when if Texas government hasn’t resolve “redistricting issues” yet. That is if the “redistricting issues” actually exists. They made it up so that they can have an excuse not to issue new cards at all.

    What the Texas government is doing right now is denying new citizens the right to vote. Tens of thousands of new citizens were naturalized last year. They can’t vote because Texas govenment won’t let them!

    Texas politicians do what they do best: lie to people to their faces. Who made up the lie about the redistricting issues? Texas government. Who are holding hostage the voter registration cards of new citizens? Texas government. Who are making false claims now only to later change them again with more false claims? Texas government. They are the most crooked people on Earth!

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