Justice Don Willett: Grateful Son

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett released his first web video “Grateful Son” describing his humble background and literally the millions of steps his mother took that led Justice Willett to his position today on the Texas Supreme Court.

Recently Justice Willett returned to his hometown of Talty that claimed thirty-two residents when he was growing up for a candidates forum and while there his hometown paper called him the “Most Famous Son.”

You might remember Justice Willett from when he was lauded by conservative columnist George F. Will for providing the judicial road map for overruling Obamacare and for being an “engaged” Judge.

Justice Willett is up for reelection in 2012 for the Texas Supreme Court, please help keep this conservative star on the court.  We need Justice Willett around to lay out the road map to overturn the next unconstitutional law President Obama passes.

You can connect with Justice Willett on facebook, twitter (@JusticeWillett) and on his campaign website where you can make a secure online donation to keep a conservative “engaged” Justice on the Texas Supreme Court.


One response to “Justice Don Willett: Grateful Son

  1. I know this incredible young man and his wonderful devoted mother. We are fortunate to experience his character and dedication in office. I only wish he would run for the Presidency.

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