Governor Perry Tells CNBC Obamacare will “Bankrupt the States”

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently appeared on CNBC with Florida Governor Rick Scott.  Governor Perry stated that Obamacare will “bankrupt the states.”  You can watch the interview here.

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott is in Washington DC monitoring the court case, follow AG Abbott on twitter and facebook for the latest news through the icons below.

Today AG Abbott released the statement below via facebook on the court case.

Day two at the ObamaCare oral arguments went well for Texas. ObamaCare is on life support. The Justices hammered Obama’s lawyer, repeatedly raising the concern that ObamaCare overreaches too far into our individual liberty. Justice Kennedy said: “This is unprecedented. It’s beyond what our cases allow.” He added that ObamaCare fundamentally alters the relationship between the government and individuals. Chief Justice Roberts said upholding ObamaCare would create a slippery slope that could give Congress unlimited power to force you to buy things. Justice Scalia pushed back hard against ObamaCare, suggesting that it exceeds the enumerated powers given to Congress under the constitution. Today we are closer to the end of ObamaCare.

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