Dirty Tricks in East Texas Politics

There are a couple of heated Texas State House races going on in East Texas right now and with 10 days till early voting starts the dirty tricks have started.

State Representative Wayne Christian is running for reelection in the redrawn deep east Texas House District 9.  Rep. Christian has been running a strong grassroots campaign across the district, picking up conservative endorsements across the board.  Wayne Christian yard signs are popping up all across the district, the problem is that 48 of his signs have been stolen, and some have even been outright replace with Chris Paddie signs, his opponent.  One local small business that is supporting Rep. Christian even caught on surveillance video a “woman in a light-colored, small SUV pulled up and replaced the Christian sign with a Paddie sign.”

Rep. Christian took the highroad and urged his supporters not to retaliate in kind, saying “we can get new signs for supporters.”  Will you stand with Wayne and help him fund another order of yard signs to replace the ones that have been stolen?  You can contribute securely online to his campaign here.

FYI: Stealing a campaign sign is a Class C misdemeanor and punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.  And you will be inducted into the campaign hall of shame if caught.

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