Jonathon McClellan

Full Disclosure, I have work for and currently work for political campaigns and state officials and I am obviously biased towards those individuals.  The views expressed on this blog are my personal views and does not reflect the views of my employer or campaigns I am supporting.

You can contact me on facebook, twitter @RightSideAustin or email.  TheRightSideofAustin at gmail dot com.

4 responses to “Jonathon McClellan

  1. Jonathan invited me to help with Perry’s re-election campaign. I will when he pledges himself to follow the US constitution, re-affirms the founding fathers view of the Republic, supports the opionions expressed in the Federalist Papers, and stops being a corporatist. As a fifth generation Texan whose family came to Texas with not much more than their freedom, we must have a leader that embraces all Texas heritage….not embracing back room deals with large corporations. When he walks the path of true Texas patriots, not just talk the talk, he will earn my support.

  2. This is awesome, you might be the male version of myself….I live in Austin as well and battle the left everyday! I just started my blog but thought you might like it! I saw you work on the campaign, my friend Sara Kinney does as well….anyway like your page!

  3. Hey.. I have a serious question.. and since this is an ACTIVE blog… I was hoping maybe you might be able to help me. I am a USMC vet. I am trying to find a new school since congress screwed up the GI Bill during lame duck….. I am conservative the way Thomas Jefferson is conservative. (Secular and borderline anarchist) I am considering UT Austin. There are very few prime schools for me to attend because I need helicopter schools nearby (I am a helicopter flight instructor and need my job), and I need some sort of party life (I have burnt myself out with 18 months of non stop school at double credit load to try to finish something before congress kills me) and I need to have skydiving available to me year round. With all of my requirements, Austin (which I have heard great things about) has all of that, along with Tempe AZ and Tampa Florida. I can go to ANY school I want, including Columbia and Yale… but I will miss out on heli and jumping. HOW liberal is Austin really? I cannot handle dealing with teachers that impose psychotic ideas on their classrooms etc…. Will I have issues? Will i find myself talking to idiotic walls, or can I expect that they are not so far liberal that they might actually be able to have a real conversation about topics? What is your take on my situation?

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