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Governor Perry Tells CNBC Obamacare will “Bankrupt the States”

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently appeared on CNBC with Florida Governor Rick Scott.  Governor Perry stated that Obamacare will “bankrupt the states.”  You can watch the interview here.

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott is in Washington DC monitoring the court case, follow AG Abbott on twitter and facebook for the latest news through the icons below.

Today AG Abbott released the statement below via facebook on the court case.

Day two at the ObamaCare oral arguments went well for Texas. ObamaCare is on life support. The Justices hammered Obama’s lawyer, repeatedly raising the concern that ObamaCare overreaches too far into our individual liberty. Justice Kennedy said: “This is unprecedented. It’s beyond what our cases allow.” He added that ObamaCare fundamentally alters the relationship between the government and individuals. Chief Justice Roberts said upholding ObamaCare would create a slippery slope that could give Congress unlimited power to force you to buy things. Justice Scalia pushed back hard against ObamaCare, suggesting that it exceeds the enumerated powers given to Congress under the constitution. Today we are closer to the end of ObamaCare.


Facebook Buys Austin Based Tech Company Gowalla

Austin based location tagging service Gowalla has reportedly been bought out by facebook.  Gowalla was in direct competition with an out of state location tagging service Foursquare.  It seems Foursquare has won this round, but I am sure the founders of Gowalla are very pleased with their fat facebook checks sitting in their bank accounts.  Some of Gowalla’s Austin employees will stay and work in the new Austin facebook office while the majority will work from facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, CA.  Mark this down of one of the few stories of businesses packing up and leaving Texas for California, usually it is the other way around.

Gowalla was launched in 2009 and was never able to build up steam against rival Foursquare.  Texas Governor Rick Perry was an early adapter of Gowalla in his quest to promote all things Texas.  Governor Perry was the first political campaign in Texas to use it and the was one of the first three campaigns in America is use the technology.


Rick Perry is America’s Jobs Governor

Governor Rick Perry’s campaign released another high quality video, “Rick Perry- America’s Jobs Governor” highlighting that Governor Perry has created jobs and growth for Texas and is ready to do the same for America.

Governor Perry’s plan for America is simple: “Make what Americans buy. Buy what Americans make. And sell it to the world.”  And the proof that his plan works is in Texas, one million jobs were created under Governor Perry’s watch in Texas, while 2.5 million were lost under President Obama.

And if that is not enough for you, Bloomberg confirms Perry record of creating jobs in Texas.

Perry Raises Over $17 Million in 49 Days

Governor Rick Perry raised over $17 million in 49 days according to an exclusive from Drudge Report.  This breaks down to $347,000 per day, from 20,000 unique donors from all 50 states, plus DC, Puerto Rico and Guam.  Over half of his 20,000 donors are from outside of Texas.

Help Governor Perry get his message out about how to create jobs for America and donate today!



New Perry Video: Proven Leadership

Texas Governor Rick Perry released a new presidential campaign video today, “Proven Leadership.”  The video is very compelling and takes after the stellar videos that the Republican Governor’s Association made last election cycle when Governor Perry was running it.  I would not be surprised if the same production company  from the RGA videos made this new Perry video.


By far the best presidential campaign video yet, have any of the other candidates videos come even close?

Governor Perry’s Announcement Email, Text and Tweet

Governor Rick Perry’s Presidential announcement email, text messages and tweet are below.  Show your support to Governor Perry today and help him put America back to work!

Rick Perry for President

The Presidency

DonateAs one of my strongest supporters, I want you to be among the first to hear the news. At 1:00PM EST, I will take the stage at the RedState Gathering in South Carolina and announce my candidacy for President of the United States of America.

I need your help during this critical launch to ignite our campaign and set us firmly on the path to victory. Please join us by donating $25, $50, $100, or even more to help spread our message across the nation.

RedState is a group of conservative bloggers fighting to bring principled, effective leadership and reform to the Washington spending machine that our federal government has become. They know, like we do, that any economic plan than envisions the hiring of millions of Americans can only start by laying off our current president.

I want to do for America what we have done in Texas to achieve unmatched job creation and personal liberty: balance budgets, reduce spending, reform the legal system, and lower taxes. I want to get America working again.

Today at 1PM Eastern, I hope you will tune into the live blog of the announcement at

As we work to open offices and reach voters across our great nation, please consider a donation to the campaign to get us up and running.

God bless you, and may God continue to bless America.

Rick Perry

Paid for by, inc.

And the announcement text message,

Gov. Perry has just announced he is running for president! Together, we can get America working again. Visit

And last but not least, his announcement tweet.

Expectations in Ames

Americans for Rick Perry is working Iowa hard for write in votes at the Iowa Straw Poll this weekend in Ames.  Volunteers from Texas have been working events across the state and will be in Ames this weekend.

However, something appears to be off about the Americans for Rick Perry volunteers rocking the burnt orange “Americans for Rick Perry” t-shirts…..don’t they know Governor Perry is a maroon wearing Aggie?

Americans for Rick Perry should be rocking something more along the lines of this….

How many write in votes do you think Perry will get in Ames on Saturday?  More than declared candidate Mitt Romney?

That would be enough to steal the spotlight from the winner of the straw poll.  Four years ago at the straw poll Mitt Romney spent a substantial amount of money to win the poll which was expected, while Governor Mike Huckabee came in a hard fought second place on a shoestring budget which launched his campaign into the national spotlight.

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