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Facebook Buys Austin Based Tech Company Gowalla

Austin based location tagging service Gowalla has reportedly been bought out by facebook.  Gowalla was in direct competition with an out of state location tagging service Foursquare.  It seems Foursquare has won this round, but I am sure the founders of Gowalla are very pleased with their fat facebook checks sitting in their bank accounts.  Some of Gowalla’s Austin employees will stay and work in the new Austin facebook office while the majority will work from facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, CA.  Mark this down of one of the few stories of businesses packing up and leaving Texas for California, usually it is the other way around.

Gowalla was launched in 2009 and was never able to build up steam against rival Foursquare.  Texas Governor Rick Perry was an early adapter of Gowalla in his quest to promote all things Texas.  Governor Perry was the first political campaign in Texas to use it and the was one of the first three campaigns in America is use the technology.



The Reviews Are In: “Spotted” Video Making Waves

Yesterday the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign released a humorous web video, “Spotted,” that quickly gained attention across the state and nationally.  The reviews are in and the grassroots activists, media and bloggers all are saying the video is a hit, and potential the Demonsheep video of 2012.

The question still remains….Why is a Chupacabra easier to spot than our own Lt. Gov. Dewhurst?

The Daily Caller:

“One of the hallmarks of modern campaigning is the search for the viral video — a web ad so funny, striking or downright odd that it reaches a much larger audience than it otherwise would.

“Former Texas solicitor general and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Ted Cruz might have found his.”

Ramparts 360:

“Facts are stubborn things. If Dewhurst missed the first one that could be allowed – but missing nine forums in a row? The logical conclusion is that he simply refuses to stand and answer questions from grassroots voters.”

PJ Tatler:

“GOP Senate candidate Ted Cruz’s campaign released the following video today. It’s…gonna leave a mark. And it could go viral.”

The Church Report:

“Ted Cruz, a candidate in Texas has the most creative video of the day…By comparing him to the chupacabra, a legendary Texas monster or bigfoot, Cruz makes his point that since declaring his run on July 21st, Dewhurst has not attended nine candidate forums.”

Prairie Pundit:

“At some point Dewhurst will have to engage.  So far Ted Cruz has been creating most of the buzz.”

National Review Online:

“Call me crazy, but I sense a lot of “Demonsheep” in this new ad from Texas Senate candidate (and former state solicitor general) Ted Cruz, hitting his primary rival Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, for skipping various party events.”


“Demon Sheep is tough to top, but that’s what Ted Cruz’s campaign is aiming for in this web video castigating Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst…The National Review’s Jim Geraghty has already dropped the Demon Sheep comparison.”

The Minority Report:

“In a new ad, Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz, likened primary opponent David Dewhurst to illusive mythical creatures Bigfoot and the Chupacabra for ducking out of conservative forums.

“I think I’m with Jim Geraghty in saying this might be 2012′s ‘Demonsheep’ ad”

Pop Culture Politics:

“The Ted Cruz for Senate campaign launched a pretty hilarious website and web video today comparing Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to the mythical creature…the Chupacabra!”

The Hayride:

“Y’know what a chupacabra is…in Texas they talk about ‘em all the time. And now they just called the Lieutenant Governor, who’s running for the Senate, one.

“The guy’s name is David Dewhurst, and he’s supposed to be a really big wheel in that state. The guy running against him is Ted Cruz, who’s basically a Marco Rubio clone.”



New Perry Video: Proven Leadership

Texas Governor Rick Perry released a new presidential campaign video today, “Proven Leadership.”  The video is very compelling and takes after the stellar videos that the Republican Governor’s Association made last election cycle when Governor Perry was running it.  I would not be surprised if the same production company  from the RGA videos made this new Perry video.


By far the best presidential campaign video yet, have any of the other candidates videos come even close?

US Senate GOP Twitter Accounts

Texas conservative blogger Kathleen McKinley compiled a list of Republican US Senators on twitter.  Some of them are even rumored to know what twitter is!

Start tweeting away your thoughts to them, you might not actually be talking to the Senator, but you never know….

Kathleen’s list is below. Continue reading

Who Is Next Major Conservative to Endorse Ted Cruz?

Who is the next major conservative all star to endorse Ted Cruz for US Senate?  Make your guess below for a chance to win a signed bumper sticker from this major conservative.

Some guesses that have all ready been made on twitter are Bill Clinton, one of the Bush clan and Governor Perry.  Add your guess to the conversation.

Watch the @TedCruz twitter feed for hints on who this “major conservative” is.


  1. Free market champion
  2. Attended college in Texas
  3. The person has family in the Houston area

The #FreeMQS Campaign Grows Stronger

While the twitter accounts of Michael Quinn Sullivan, Empower Texans, AgendaWise and their respect staff members remain suspended, the #FreeMQS campaign grows stronger.  The national blog RedState even picked up the story along with numerous Texas based media outlets and bloggers.  Even some liberal Austin bloggers are joining in on the fun, check out the #FreeMQS hashtag on twitter (of course) to join the action.  See we can all come together on some issues like free speech!

While Empower Texans may still be blocked on twitter, they are making the best of it by promoting their facebook page.

Of course, Empower Texans is going strong on Facebook. We have more than 18,700 friends on our main page – making us the largest independent, Texas-based policy/political group operating there with a vibrant community and on-going dialogue. (Our Facebook reach is also bigger than the state’s various news organizations!)

Don’t forget to order your #FreeMQS T-shirt and ask @Twitter to #FreeMQS, @EmpowerTexans and @AgendaWise.

It is important to note that the @EmpowerTexans team has confirmed they are not behind @FreeMQS and nobody asked permission to sell MQS’s likeness on the shirts below.

Empower Texans Responds to Twitter Account Suspension

While the #FreeMQS campaign is still going strong on twitter, Empower Texans and AgnedaWise responds to its accounts and its staff members accounts being suspended by twitter.

By Empower Texans (07/19/2011)

Yesterday, without warning or notification, social media mini-blog site Twitter simultaneously “suspended” the main Empower Texans feed along with the personal accounts of all staff.

It is unsettling, to say the least, given the way the entity sells itself as a great equalizer for personal and public discourse.

The Empower Texans team has clearly not sought to violate Twitter Rules, and have yet to receive any official notice or clarification of the action. Furthermore, a simple examination of our accounts clearly shows the Empower Texans team have not run afoul of Twitter’s guidelines.

Twitter, which offers no phone numbers or the ability to appeal a decision directly, has been notified through their process of this issue, and the necessary appeals have been submitted online. But, again, we have received no information from Twitter.

Of course, Empower Texans is going strong on Facebook. We have more than 18,700 friends on our main page – making us the largest independent, Texas-based policy/political group operating there with a vibrant community and on-going dialogue. (Our Facebook reach is also bigger than the state’s various news organizations!) Continue reading