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The Numbers Don’t Lie: Grassroots Choose Cruz

The numbers don’t lie, look at the graphics below and see who the Texas grassroots activists support in the US Senate race.

Will you join the grassroots across Texas and support Ted Cruz for US Senate?


Sarah Palin Endorses Ted Cruz for US Senate

Right before early voting starts in Texas Ted Cruz picked up the endorsement of Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd for his bid for the open US Senate seat.

Governor Sarah Palin stated

“We’re proud to join conservatives in Texas and throughout the nation in supporting your campaign to become the next Senator from the Lone Star State.”

“Your conservative principles, passionate defense of our Constitution and our free market system come at a time when these cornerstones of our freedom and prosperity are under attack,” Governor Palin added. “Our shared goal isn’t just to change the majority in control of the Senate, but to assure principled conservatives like you are there to fight for us.”

Below are a couple of media reports covering the Sarah Palin endorsement.

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Tea Party Express Rally in Austin

The national Tea Party Express is hosting a rally in Austin on Sunday May 6th at 2:00 pm on the South Steps of the Texas Capitol building.  The invited speakers are US Senate candidate Ted Cruz, Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul.

RSVP here-


New Poll: Ted Cruz Continues to Gain Ground

A new poll out today by Public Policy Polling shows Ted Cruz gaining ground, despite a barrage of Dewhurst’s negative attack ads.

The independent poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, has Cruz at 26% and Dewhurst at 38% — despite Dewhurst spending over $6 million on TV and Radio ads and almost $1 million attacking Ted. By comparison, the Ted Cruz campaign has spent less than a million dollars on paid advertising, yet Ted continues to climb in the polls.

Public Policy Polling has this to say about their poll showing Ted surging and Dewhurst staying “stagnant.”

Every time PPP polls Texas the Republican Senate primary gets closer and closer. What was a 29 point lead for David Dewhurst in September has now been cut all the way down to 12 points. Dewhurst is at 38% to 26% for Ted Cruz, 8% for Tom Leppert, and 7% for Craig James.

Cruz’s support has increased from 12% to 18% to 26% over our last three polls. Meanwhile Dewhurst has remained stagnant in the 36-41% range. Cruz’s name recognition has increased from 29% to 48% with Republican primary voters since January and the change has almost all been positive. His favorability’s gone from 15/14 to 31/17. The other candidates have seen just modest gains in name recognition or none at all.

Among voters who are familiar with Cruz- whether they have a positive opinion of him or not- Cruz leads Dewhurst 39-34. That suggests that as Cruz’s profile continues to increase this race may continue to get closer.

Tonight: Texas US Senate Debate

Tonight the four major contenders to replace US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will take the stage for a live debate aired across Texas and streamed online.  On stage will be  former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Tom Leppert and Craig James.

The debate will be carried live and commercial free from 7:00pm to 8:00 pm on WFAA-TV Dallas-Fort Worth, KHOU-TV Houston, KENS-TV San Antonio, KVUE-TV Austin and Belo’s statewide cable channel TXCN.  The debate will be streamed live on the WFAA website here.

Watch the debate and join in the conversation online by following the #txsen and #BeloDebate hashtags on twitter.  Texas Blogger Lawrence Person will be live blogging the debate, be sure to check out his commentary.


Join Ted Cruz for a Rally at the King Street Patriots HQ

Do you want to be the first person in your neighborhood to display a Ted Cruz yard sign? The Ted Cruz campaign is releasing the first shipment of yard signs exclusively at Ted’s Grassroots Rally on Tuesday, April 3rd in Houston at the King Street Patriots Headquarters at 7:00 pm.

Make sure you RSVP now to attend this event and be the first in the state to get your Ted Cruz yard sign!

Please join proven conservative U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz at the King Street Patriots Headquarters for a Grassroots Rally.
Tuesday, April 3rd
7:00 PM
King Street Patriots Headquarters
7232 Wynnwood Lane
Houston, TX 77008
RSVP by Calling (512) 637-8777
Or RSVP Online
This event is free.

Ted Cruz First TV Ad and ObamaCare Repeal Money Bomb

With 69 days to election day and 10 days left in the fundraising quarter the Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate campaign launched its first television ad of the Senate race “Delivers,” and launched an Obamacare Repeal Money Bomb.

The 30-second spot, “Delivers,” highlight’s Cruz’s successful work as the Solicitor General of Texas defending U.S. sovereignty against the United Nations and World Court in the case Medellin vs. Texas. The ad also reaffirms Cruz’s commitment to leading the fight for fiscal responsibility in Washington.

The central case discussed in the ad is Medellin vs. Texas. Jose Ernesto Medellin brutally gang-raped and murdered two teenage girls in Houston. When the World Court tried to order the United States to reopen Medellin’s conviction (along with the convictions of 50 other murderers), Cruz fought the World Court and the U.N. all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won 6-3.

The ObamaCare Repeal Money Bomb is running for three days with the goal of raising $100,000.  The Money Bomb is running to Friday March 23rd, the date President Obama signed ObamaCare into law.  Will you contribute today to help repeal ObamaCare and to keep Ted’s TV ad on the air?

The “Delivers” TV ad script is below.

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