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Dirty Tricks in East Texas Politics

There are a couple of heated Texas State House races going on in East Texas right now and with 10 days till early voting starts the dirty tricks have started.

State Representative Wayne Christian is running for reelection in the redrawn deep east Texas House District 9.  Rep. Christian has been running a strong grassroots campaign across the district, picking up conservative endorsements across the board.  Wayne Christian yard signs are popping up all across the district, the problem is that 48 of his signs have been stolen, and some have even been outright replace with Chris Paddie signs, his opponent.  One local small business that is supporting Rep. Christian even caught on surveillance video a “woman in a light-colored, small SUV pulled up and replaced the Christian sign with a Paddie sign.”

Rep. Christian took the highroad and urged his supporters not to retaliate in kind, saying “we can get new signs for supporters.”  Will you stand with Wayne and help him fund another order of yard signs to replace the ones that have been stolen?  You can contribute securely online to his campaign here.

FYI: Stealing a campaign sign is a Class C misdemeanor and punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.  And you will be inducted into the campaign hall of shame if caught.

YCT Issues Key Early Endorsements of Ted Cruz and Wayne Christian

The Young Conservatives of Texas issued key early endorsements of US Senate candidate Ted Cruz and State Representative Wayne Christian for House District 9 for the 2012 Republican primary.

Young Conservatives of Texas has been promoting conservatism at universities across the Lone Star State for over three decades. The state’s most active political youth organization, YCT is composed of hundreds of members and alumni who participate in the full spectrum of politics. YCT issues the most respected ratings of the Texas legislature and is the only conservative group to have done so without interruption over the past 19 legislative sessions. To learn more about YCT, their ratings, or for information on joining, please visit

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F1 Racing in Texas Crashes and Burns

Yesterday was a hectic day for Formula 1 news in Texas. The morning started off with a statement by Comptroller Susan Combs denying the event organizers an advanced payment of taxpayer dollars for F1 racing in Texas.

“Let me state clearly: We have not paid out any money for the Formula 1 event. The only dollars that can be spent on the United States Grand Prix are tax revenues attributable to the successful running of a race.  The state of Texas will not be paying any funds in advance of the event. Further, as is the case with all METF events, each application will be reviewed and analyzed for its likely economic impact and only after the race occurs would any funds be disbursed.

This was soon followed by an article by the Texas Tribune and then hours later the race developers stopped construction on the track.  Below is the Texas Trib story.

Construction of the Formula 1 track in Travis County has been indefinitely suspended because of a dispute between the race organizer and the owners of the property, according to the owners (and first reported in the Austin American-Statesman). That announcement came shortly after Comptroller Susan Combs announced the state won’t funnel any money into the project until racing is underway. The owners of the track say they’ll resume construction as soon as they have a deal for a race there.

Today State Representative Wayne Christian, consistently ranked as one of the most fiscally and socially conservative members of the Texas House, put out a statement recognizing Combs listening to the taxpayers (and Empower Texans…) and not allowing our taxpayer dollars to go to F1 racing.  Rep. Christian was one of 16 legislators to vote against the bill allowing state funds to flow to F1 racing in Texas.

I remember back in the 81st Legislature (2009), a bill was passed which added Formula One automobile races and the Breeder’s Cup World Championships to the events eligible for the Major Events Trust Fund, which is “supposed” to entice large events such as the Super Bowl into coming to our state. I was one of sixteen legislators in the Texas House to vote against that bill, and needless to say, I was also not in favor of paying a single nickel upfront to Formula One or any other entity, and neither were you, the Texas taxpayer. To me, that’s just bad practice and puts the cart before the horse.

However, Comptroller Susan Combs deserves recognition for listening to the will of the Texas taxpayer and protecting your investment in state government. As always, but especially in this dire economy, you taxpayers entrust your local and statewide elected officials to be good stewards of your money and Susan Combs did the right thing by divesting the state from any upfront and prolonged obligations.

Conservative Coalition President Endorses Governor Perry

Texas Conservative Coalition President State Rep. Wayne Christian has endorsed Governor Rick Perry for President.  Rep. Christian is one of the most conservative members of the Texas Legislature and has consistently been ranked as such by outside groups over his years in office.  This is no easy accomplishment in Texas.

In fact, this past legislative session, Rep. Christian was ranked the most conservative House member by the Texas Eagle Forum in their 2011 Conservative Legislator Rankings, receiving a score of 100%.

Below is the jump is Rep. Christian’s letter endorsing Governor Rick Perry, focusing in on Governor Perry’s character and leadership.

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School Finance Plan Killed by Point of Order, Next Steps

Representative Wayne Christian released the following statement explaining how the school finance bill, SB 1581, was killed tonight and what the next steps are to make sure our public schools are adequately and equally funded.

Now that a budget agreement has been reached between the House and the Senate this is the last piece of the puzzle, to decided how the money that has been appropriated gets distributed to the schools.  This is not a Republican vs Democrat issue, more so a rural vs suburban vs urban, or rich vs poor issue that cuts across party lines.

Rep. Yvonne Davis called a point of order that killed SB 1581, the school finance vehicle.  A point of order is a technical violation of the House rules that the bill violates.

Now SB 1811 will become the new vehicle for the school finance plan.  SB 1811 has been passed out of the House and Senate and it is going to conference committee for both the chambers to work out the differences between the bills.  The conference committee members will ask their respective chambers to “go outside the bounds” in their conference committee report and add in a school finance plan.  This will require both chambers to vote on this request to go outside the bounds and approve the request.

This limits the input of members of the House and Senate who are not on the conference committee.  The House has not appointed its conference committee members yet, the Senate’s are below.  The House sponsor of SB 1811, Appropriations Chairman Jim Pitts, will appoint the House conference members, he will for sure be one of them.

Senate Conferees: Appointed (05/21/2011) Duncan (Chair) | Deuell | Patrick | West | Williams

It is yet to be determined what school finance plan (Eissler or Hochberg) will be considered and adopted in the conference committee.  Who the House conferees are (Eissler, Hochberg, or both?) will have a big determination on what school finance plan gets taken up.

Once approval is given to go outside the bounds and the conference committee adopts a school finance plan each chamber will vote the bill up or down without the chance to offer any amendments.

Like always, the situation is very fluid and something may have changed by morning, stay tuned for additional updates as the situation develops.

Cockfighitng Bill Passes Texas House

In honor of Representative Wayne Christian’s HB 1043, the cockfighting bill, passing the Texas House on a voice vote I present to you Tom Russell performing “Gallo del Cielo.”

Cockfighting has been illegal in Texas for over one hundred years, while the supporting support industry has been not.  This bill just updates the law to make the actions supporting this illegal activity illegal as well, like hosting a cockfight, profiting at one and being a spectator at one.

This bill does not target legitimate raisers of game birds for show purposes, it actually gives show bird raisers a strong affirmative defense in the law, so it actually protects them more then the existing law.

ESPN Goes Undercover to Investigate Illegal Cockfighting In Texas

On Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 at 6:00 PM on ESPN’s award-winning newsmagazine program E:60 reporter Tom Rinaldi goes undercover to investigate cockfighting in Texas.

Representative Wayne Christian hosted ESPN’s award winning news magazine program E:60 as they investigated illegal cockfighting in Texas.

ESPN interviewed Rep. Christian about why he filed HB 1043 that targets illegal cockfighting in Texas.  Rep. Christian explained that he filed HB 1043 on behalf of Nacogdoches County Attorney John Fleming who highlighted that local law enforcement officials are having trouble prosecuting suspects associated with cockfighting because of major loopholes in the existing laws.

HB 1043 will close those loopholes by making the following a crime, participating in the earnings of or operating a facility used for cockfighting, using or permitting another to use property for cockfighting, manufacturing, buying, selling, possessing cockfighting equipment, owning, possessing or training a cock with the intent that it be used for cockfighting and attending as a spectator an exhibition of cockfighting

County Attorney John Fleming stated, “Cockfighting is an extreme form of animal cruelty and goes hand in hand with other crimes. Law enforcement officials nationwide have documented the strong connection between cockfighting and the large-scale manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs as well as the connection with other illegal activities.  HB 1043 will give our local law enforcement officials the tools they need to effectively shut down cock fighting operations in Texas.”

The Texas Poultry Federation supports HB 1043 in an effort to help protect the $4 billion economic impact and over 18,000 jobs that the poultry industry directly and indirectly creates in the State of Texas. The Texas Poultry Federation states that, “It is vital we work hard to pass HB 1043, to prevent birds coming from Mexico bringing unsafe diseases and effecting the people and the poultry industry of East Texas.”

Update: New Texas House Map That Protects Conservatives

Texas State Representative Wayne Christian speaks with former Representative Joe Nixon and  redistricting expert Trey Trainor about the new Texas House redistricting maps that protect the conservative members and elects more Republicans in general. Support the updated Nixon Statewide Plan H166!

Please note that after filming the video an updated Nixon map was released publicly and the map is now called “Plan H166.”  This is just an update version of the original map.

To view the map go to

Click on “select plans,” and select “base plan.”


Social Media Plays Major Role in 82nd #Txlege

Matt Dowling has a good look at the game changing role social media is playing in the 82nd Texas Legislative Session.  Below is his post.

Read the rest of Matt’s post here.

Op-Ed: Texas Puts Education First

Texas State Representative Wayne Christian declares that “Texas Puts Education First” in his latest Texas Legislative Update video and corresponding Op-Ed below.

Texas Puts Education First

By Wayne Christian

Last November, the voters of Texas sent a loud and clear message that they wanted government to live within its means and be fiscally responsible.  I heard their message and voted to pass House Bill 1, the general appropriations bill for the state, because it addresses the reality of the economic recession while dedicating the majority of our state dollars to public education. Without raising taxes, HB 1 puts public education first and appropriates 56%  of our state budget to  education in general, while still adequately funding our state’s other pressing obligations such as Texas roads and highways, public safety and human services. HB 1 communicates a clear direction and keeps the process moving forward.

The budget process is far from complete. HB 1 must still be considered by the Senate which has allocated more funds toward education.  A compromise must be reached in conference committee between the House and Senate bills, then be voted on by both chambers and approved by Gov. Perry. I have been assured that the final bill will appropriate more  funds to public education than the current version.

Unlike the federal government, it is mandated by the Constitution that Texas adopt a balanced budget.  According to the Comptroller’s Biennial Revenue Estimate issued in Jan., 2011, the total budget from general revenue must be constitutionally balanced at no more than $77.6 billion.

My wife and I are proud products of East Texas public schools.  My three children attended East Texas public schools, and God willing, my future grandchildren will attend East Texas public schools. In my private business, I employ graduates of our public schools, so I have a huge personal stake in ensuring that our education system is successful.

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