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Ted Cruz on National Review Cover

The latest edition of the highly regarded conservative publication National Review profiles Ted Cruz on the cover.  The cover below will be hitting the news stands today, be sure to go pick one up!

In the profile piece National Review calls Ted the “The Next Great Conservative Hope” and says:

“Within the party rank-and-file, it is believed that Cruz is the conservative in the race… Cruz remains a true believer. He often says he’ll consider himself a failure if after a whole term in the Senate, he has only a perfect voting record. He wants to see the conservative agenda enacted.”

Two years ago then Senate candidate from Flordia Marco Rubio appeared on the cover of National Review.  As we all know now, Rubio was running against an establishment statewide elected official who had an enormous fundraising advantage over Rubio.  With the help of conservatives across Flordia and the nation Rubio beat Charlie Crist by over 20 points.

Does this sound like a similar narrative to what is playing out here in Texas?  Lets hope so.  Help “The Next Great Conservative Hope” Ted Cruz by donating securely online today to help him reach his ambitious online fundraising goal of $100,000 by midnight tonight!