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Strama & Maldonado & Rose & Obama: Wrong for Texas

Liberal Democratic Reps. Mark Strama, Diana Maldonado and Patrick Rose are having trouble hiding from the voters their liberal pasts and voting records thanks to strong Republican challengers Patrick McGuinness, Larry Gonzales and Jason Isaac.

The Republican challengers are running strong campaigns putting the incumbent Democrats on the defensive.

Patrick McGuinness is hammering Mark Strama in HD-50 for supporting President Obama and his liberal policies, remind you of someone else running for office trying to hide his liberal past?

Republican challenger Jason Isaac is attacking Patrick Rose in HD-45 for supporting liberal policies and voting for tax increases.

Last but not least Republican challenger Larry Gonzales is running a text book campaign against Diana Maldonado in HD-52.  Here Gonzales takes it to Maldonado for flip flopping.

Diana’s Flip Flop

Maldonado Metamorphosis: From Capitol Chubber to Campaign Conservative
Liberal Flip-flops on Voter ID

Williamson County – How do you know we are just five days away from the start of voting? Liberal Democrat Diana Maldonado announced last night she supports requiring a photo ID to vote, despite stating just 5 days earlier at a forum she was opposed to voter ID and last session participated in a five-day delay of the House Calendar that killed the photo ID bill.

In a forum hosted by the Greater Round Rock West Neighborhood Association, Maldonado said, “I am for voter identification where it does have a picture, let’s do that.” Emphasising her point, she said later, “Sure let’s put a picture on it.”
But according to the Austin American-Statesman, at the forum hosted by the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on October 8th, “Maldonado compared asking voters for more identification, than what is currently required, to police officers asking for more identification when they pull over drivers.”
“Diana’s desperate flip-flop on voter ID doesn’t change the fact she helped kill that bill, and dozens of other bills last session including a bill to require background checks of childcare providers who receive state money,” said Gonzales. “She literally put politics ahead of the safety of our children to kill a bill she now says she supports. It’s just pathetic political pandering.”

Please support these great Republican challengers with your money and more importantly your time these next 20 days!  Check out their respective campaign websites for volunteer opportunities.

Reminder: Governor Perry Coming to Round Rock Today

Governor Perry is coming to Round Rock for a free grassroots event this afternoon (October 14th) at Juniors Icehouse.

Come learn how you can help keep Texas Open for Business!

Grassroots Event with Governor Rick Perry

Date: Thursday, October 14th
Time: 2:45 p.m.
Location: Juniors Icehouse 119 East Main Street, Round Rock, TX, 78664
Free parking located at the City Hall Parking Garage on the corner of Lampasas St. and Bagdad Ave.

Please contact the Central Texas Field Director to RSVP! Jon McClellan -Central Texas Field Director 512-478-3276 JonMcClellan at RickPerry dot org.

Democrat Maldonado Has No Grassroots: Seeking Paid Block Walkers

Democrat incumbent Texas State Representative Diana Maldonado is in the fight of her political life right now.  She represents HD-52, which is in Williamson County.  She won her first term in 2008 with the Obama wave helping to push her over the top in a close election.  She won by less than 1,000 votes with McCain winning the district

This election year however the Obama wave will be in the opposite direction.  Combine that with a great Republican candidate named Larry Gonzales and Maldonado is in serious trouble and she knows it.

What would you do if you are the incumbent in a close race?  I would rally my troops and deploy a massive volunteer driven block walking and phone banking operation to identify and turn out my voters.  Who better to GOTV and convince undecideds to vote for you than volunteers who have invested time and money into your campaign.  If someone is block walking in the 100 degree heat on a Saturday afternoon for you then they must really like you and be passionate about your campaign right?

Republican challenger Larry Gonzales is doing all of the above and more.  Gonzales has a great GOTV block walking and phone banking operation run by volunteers.  I am sure if you are in Williamson County have seen his signs all across town and you have seen Gonzales at numerous community events.

Unlike Gonzales energized volunteers, it seems like Maldonado’s supporters have all ready thrown in the towel and given up.  If her supporters were out block walking and phone banking then why would Maldonado put an ad up on Craigslist for “Paid Canvassers?”

You know a campaign is getting desperate when they pay people to block walk for them.  Reminds me of the ACORN workers being paid to sign up Mickey Mouse and the offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys.  There are horror stories from campaigns on both sides of paid block walkers peeing and throwing up in peoples front yards, being intoxicated while working and saying they did the work when they really did not.

Will Maldonado’s paid block walkers be any better?  What a good way to spend the hard earned money that her supporters have trusted her with.

Below are the details of the Craigslist posting, I have taken out some of the personal information.

From: kristin@dianamaldonado.com [mailto:kristin@dianamaldonado.com]
Sent: xxxx July xxxx, xxxxx
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Paid Canvassers Needed for Highly Competitive State House Race (Round Rock)

Hi xxxxxxxxxx,

Thanks for responding to the ad, we are working really hard to win this race. If you are interested in a position send me your resume and 2-3 references and we will go from there.

In Solidarity,

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Paid Canvassers Needed for Highly Competitive State House Race
(Round Rock)
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date: xxxxx July xxxx, xxxxx
To: <job-h4c6e-1860803446@craigslist.org>

** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info: http://www.craigslist.org/about/scams.html

I would be happy to help your campaign.


If you get any Gonzales or Maldonado block walkers at your house make sure to ask them if they are volunteers or paid!  Or just try asking them why they support the person they are walking for.  If they can’t articulate anything more than the talking points on the push card they are carrying then they are paid.  Leave a note in the comment section if one stops by your house and tell us what happened.